Monday, September 28, 2020: The team at the WBC MuayThai Youth Cares program, led by chairperson Jade Bhakdibhumi, held a ‘Safety in Youth MuayThai’  workshop at Bangkok’s Khongsitta gym on Saturday, September 26.

The Safety in Youth MuayThai program was set up to offer young practitioners of the sport of MuayThai an opportunity of understanding the serious risks involved when not using protective training gear, such as a head guard, elbow pads and shin pads, all designed to minimize trauma to the human body when participating in MuayThai.  

The clinic was hosted by Matthew Deane, owner of Khongsitta gym, a well-known celebrity and aficionado of the sport of MuayThai. Matthew is also an ambassador for the WBC MuayThai Youth Cares program. 

In attendance were a host of the most talented apprentices of the sport in the Kingdom of Thailand, including ViVi MuayDed789, Nongkampan, brothers Petchtoe and Petchaek and more. 

Moreover, the special guest for the day’s proceedings was current WBC MuayThai super-welterweight world champion, Yodwicha Yodwicha gym. Our dear champion taught a seminar on techniques and supervised a controlled sparring session between the bright young stars of the sport.

The keynote speaker for the event was Assistant Professor Dr. Sitha Phongphibool, the head of the WBC MuayThai Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Sitha gave an in-depth, knowledgeable talk on the risks of not wearing protective equipment when competing in combat sports at a very young age. He also emphasized the importance of wearing protective gear when sparring in gyms. 

The overall message from the workshop is one of conscious awareness to the risks involved for the youth in our sport. We are not forcing change. But rather we are encouraging everyone to be afforded the opportunity to be educated on the dangers to long-term effects.

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