Saturday, July 18, 2020: The return of elite MuayThai at the main stadiums has been one of triumphant success, with record numbers watching the events online and on TV screens in the Kingdom, and around the world.

One of, if not the most anticipated fight since the sport got back to action after the Coronavirus forced hiatus, was the scheduled Omnoi Stadium super-lightweight title contestant between Seksan Or Kwanmuang and Tanonchai Somwanggaiyang. The contest headlined today’s show at the purpose-built stadium, a short drive from south-west of Bangkok.

The opening round was a somewhat erratic affair as both Seksan and Tanonchai set about not allowing each other time to settle into a slow-paced rhythm. Both fighters landed a few solid punches and it was tit-for-tat on the body kicks in the opening stanza.

Round two was pure chaos….good chaos...actually lovely chaos as Seksan went into full predator mode landing a brutal elbow just over the left eyebrow of Tanonchai - cutting him. Blood was spilled from the wound, this spurred the Sor Sommai gym champion to pursue the area around the cut with ruthless intent, rocking Tanonchai to the core, on a couple of occasions, and opening up a second cut just above the inside of the same eye.

A blood-thirsty third round ensued were all game plans and defensive senses went out the window as both protagonists - especially Seksan - went on an elbow rampage. The continuous onslaught from Seksan was truly contagious to watch. Not only did Tanonchai survive, there were times he looked like he may land a sneaky KO. But, it was not to be, and once again Seksan reigned supreme in the round.

The fourth round was one of pure spoiling tactics by Seksan as he was content to negate all possible avenues of attack from Tanonchai, with his usual tactics of jumping into clinch around the waist of his opponent when he knows he is ahead in the contest. This spoiling tactic was helped even more so today, with the new rule of limited clinching, he bought himself extra time to tick away the clock knowing the referee would immediately break up the clinch. This game plan worked to a tee as a tired and frustrated Tanonchai had - at least today - no way through the defense of Seksan.

The fifth and final round of the championship contest witnessed a complete shutdown of any and all attack-minded approach from Seksan as he concentrated his efforts on protecting his lead through evasive defense. Tanonchai huffed and puffed in his quest for the elusive KO but he failed in his attempts to blow Seksan’s house down.

The final bell rang. Another elite stadium title was added to the trophy cabinet of the Sor Sommai gym superstar. The three ringside judges scored the bout 50-47, 49-47, and 49-47 to crown Seksan Or Kwanmunag the new Omnoi Stadium super-lightweight champion.

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