Sunday, July 12, 2020: Today witnessed the hotly-anticipated return to action at Bangkok’s Channel7 Stadium where the main event pitted the stadium’s bantamweight champion, Wanchalong PK Saenchai, against Suasat Paedminburi, in a contest many predicated would not end well for the veteran champion....those premonitions - unfortunately - came true.

The opening round saw Suasat get off to a flying start with a concentrated approach of attack in combos from the opening bell to not allow Wanchalong any time to settle into the fight. It worked as Suasat immediately and effectively went to work on the kicking leg of the southpaw Wanchalong.

The second stanza witnessed more focused aggression from Suasat who just seemed zoned in on one thing and that was to become the new bantamweight king of Channel7 stadium. Once again his main target was kicking leg of Wanchalong but he also was effective in his body kicks and boxing combinations.

The third round began with Wanchalong coming straight out of the gates looking to land a plucky ko with a perfectly timed right hook, Suasat survived and then came one minute of unorganized violent chaos with both fighters leaving their game plans to one side and just went into a tit-for-tat onslaught.

Suasat was the more brutal landing a ferocious barrage on the reigning champion sending him to the canvas on two occasions — one for an eight count and the second not counted by the referee as Wanchalong rose to his feet in quick timing. Wanchalong just about survived the round when the sound of the bell was welcomed by his team and the fighter, himself.

The penultimate 4th round turned out to be the climactic round as Suasat continued where he left off - in round three - with a continued onslaught landing a thunderous head-kick and then a relentless combinations of attack to force the referee to call a halt to the contest and with that...Suasat Peasminburi was crowned the new bantamweight champion of Channel7 stadium.

It was not an enjoyable to fight to watch in terms of watching a decorated champion take such a brutal beating in an elite championship fight. Maybe this is the fight that will signal the end of the elite fight career of one of the most exciting fighters and charismatic champions of the last decade.

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