Since its inception in 2005, the WBC MuayThai has made a remarkable impact on the sport of MuayThai, not just in the motherland of the sport but also on a global scale.

In this short article we celebrate the original champion of the WBC MuayThai,

China’s Zhang Qing Jun, the boxer who will forever hold the honor of being crowned the first-ever WBC MuayThai champion. The fighter known as the “Tiger of Jian Xu” captured the WBC MuayThai International heavyweight title in Hong Kong — on September 9, 2005 — where he defeated England’s Marek Boguscewicz via a stunning, and highly unexpected first round KO victory. The showdown took place in the beautiful city of Hong Kong in front of a packed audience at the Elizabeth stadium. The Hong Hong press gave unprecedented coverage to the "showdown of the century" for the first WBC MuayThai International Heavyweight Championship on 9 September of that year, 2005.

Looking back on the success of the event, the Chinese daily newspapers gave full page coverage to the historic event while the conservative English language daily The South China Morning Post produced a back page report on Zhang's third straight KO victory in the heavyweight division. Zhang's win has sent shock waves through the martial arts communities of China, Hong Kong and Macau and the Chinese media press are raving about the "Tiger of Jian Xu" being the next superstar.

Zhang was quoted as saying he was looking forward to being matched up against the "best Europeans" saying that he was first trained in Kung Fu before switching to MuayThai. The WBC MuayThai crowned Zhang as their inaugural champion and since that day hundreds of decorated WBC champs have been crowned across the globe. Zhang was earmarked for great ventures in the ring, in the aftermath of his victory over Boguscewicz, but to this day, capturing the inaugural WBC MuayThai championship title was his greatest feat of all.

Long live the glorious sport of MuayThai.

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