The World Boxing Council MuayThai will host the first-ever WBC MuayThai world convention in Bangkok, from March 14-16, at the Athenee Plaza hotel in the central part of the city.

The gathering of MuayThai fans, fighters, media and promoters from around the world is billed as a global celebration of the sport and art of MuayThai, a convention that welcomes all lovers and fans of MuayThai, regardless of your affiliation to any particular MuayThai sanctioning body or organization.

The three-day convention begins on Saturday the 14th of March with a grand opening ceremony planned in the ballroom of the Athenee hotel. The opening ceremoney will be hosted by leading MuayThai MC, tv personality and Khongsitta MuayThai gym owner, Matthew Deane.

The opening ceremony will feature special showings of MuayBoran, a special showcase of the Wai Kru ceremony and three special awards to be presented to Superlek Kiatmoo9, Srisaket For Rungvisai and Wanheng Meenayothin.

Following the opening ceremony, the weigh in and final press conference will take place for the WBC WORLD SOLDIER event. The stars will compete on the elite fight night at Lumpinee stadium include Youssef Boughanem, Kulabdam Sor-Jor Piekuthai, Sittichai Sitsongnpeenong, Luis Cajiaba, Sograw Petchyindee, Yodwicha Por Boonsit and more.

The evening of Saturday the 14th will witness the WBC MuayThai annual awards show and gala dinner take place at the Crystal Hall. The awards show will be a night to celebrate the success of the elite MuayThai athletes who have shone over the past twelve month's. The awards. will also recognize the valuable work that has been done by the good people within the WBC Muaythai organization.

The awards evening will also be a chance for the guests to meet and greet MuayThai and boxing superstars from all over Thailand and the world. It will also be a great opportunity to network with other MuayThai fans, fighters and promoters from around the globe.

The convention site will be transformed into a MuayThai wonderland full of memorabilia, MuayThai brands, such as Fairtex, Nam Muay and the official WBC shop will be selling MuayThai and boxing apparel and equipment.

The WBC will also celebrate the inaugural class of the WBC MuayThai Hall of Fame with the induction of the class of 2020. Fifteen former WBC MuayThai world champions have been inducted: Nathan Corbett, Steve McKinnon, Miriam Nakamoto, Artem Levin, Steve Wakeling, Tiana Caverley, Julie Kitchen, Ruth Ashdown, Sagetdao Petphayathai, Kem Sitsongpeenong, Kaoklai Kaensorsing, Ginty Vrede, Shane Del Rosario and Lamsongkram Chuwattana.

Sunday the 15th and Monday the 16th are the two-full days for the in-depth WBC MuayThai ring officials seminar and workshop, co-hosted by the WBC MuayThai. and the Sports Authority of Thailand.

The educators for the seminar and workshop will be lead by the head of the WBC MuayThai ring officials, Mr. Thawuth Pluemsamran, alongside WBC MuayThai North America technical director, Mr. Nokweed Sriampai and Mr. Phanu Kusolwong.

The seminar and workshop will cover everything from judging, referring and the fight supervisors role, with the ten point must system, referee's duties, fouls and knockdowns, and more.

Moreover, a ring will be available for practical demonstrations for both judging and refereeing. This. is a fantastic opportunity to study real-life examples from three of the best educators in the business.

The seminar will cumulate with a written exam. Each participant will receive official WBC MuayThai and Sports Authority of Thailand ring official certification upon completion of the two-days and successfully passing the exam.

Bangkok's world famous Lumpinee stadium is the destination for Sunday night for the WBC WORLD SOLDIER event. Three WBC MuayThai world title fights will take place on the event. Youssef Boughanem will defend his WBC middleweight world title against Sograw Petchyindee. Satanfaa Rachanon will defend his WBC super-welterweight world title against Yodwicha For Boonsit. Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong will challenge a yet unnamed opponent for the vacant WBC welterweight world title.

Luis Cajaiba from Brazil will face off against Capitan Petchyindee for the vacant WBC International super-welterweight title. Kulabdam Sor-Jor Piekuthai will clash with Chamuaktong FighterMuayThai for the first-ever WBC MuayThai super-lightweight title. The show will feature one WBC Asia boxing championship title fight.

Registration for the convention can be done via the following link

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