Kunlun Fight is in the middle of a tremendous reasurgence with their newly anointed concept of running their highly successful three straight days of shows and this past weekend was no different as the elite Kickboxing platform returned for KUNLUN FIGHT 85, 86 and 87.

The setting was the beautiful Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, with below zero temperatures outside the ring, not affecting the scorching hot action inside the ring. It was a thrill ride of three days of pulsating action.

Kunlun 85 hosted ten super-bouts with the headliner witnessing Ukrainian star, Vasily Sorokin, face off against Chinese favorite, Wu Sihan. The fans got their wishes as both fighters pushed the action for the entire three rounds and it was Vasily's hand raised in victory to take home the Kunlun accolades.

Full results of Kunlun 85 Elite Fight Night:

-52.5 kg: Chen Xinyang (China) def. Wu Yufei (China) by Decision

-60 kg: Huang Linbin (China) def. Hong Wei (China) by TKO

-63 kg: Zhang Songshan (China) def. You Long (China) by Decision

-65 kg Shang Xifeng (China) def. Xu Yanwei (China) by Decision

-70 kg Ilias Iliasov (Russia) def. Zeng Jiawu (China) by Decision

-75 kg Lu Wenlong (China) def. Farhad Mandomi (Iran) by Decision

-70 kg Aili Mulatebieke (China) def. Mamurov Akamaljon (Tajikistan) by Decision

-67 kg Lv Ruilei (China) def. Ahmad (Iran) by Decision

-75 kg Jamal Yusupov (Russia) def. Liao Shiwu (China) by KO

-77 kg Sorokin Vasily (Ukraine) def. Wu Sihan (China) by TKO

Kunlun 86 hosted nine contests with Kunlun superstar, Dzianis Zuev, headlining the show. The global fighting superstar outgunned China's Ouyang Feng via a points decision to take home the victory to the delight and roars of approval of the thousands of fans in attendance.

Full results of Kunlun 86 Elite Fight Night:

-52.5 kg: Gu Jiayi (China) def. Sun Yuqiu (China) by TKO

-60 kg: Gao Zilong (China) def. Zhu Chang (China) by win

-63 kg: Feng Tianhao (China) def. Chen Xiaofan (China) by Decision

-65 kg Ran Junhua (China) def. Hu Erkang (China) by Decision

-70 kg Lu Jiahui (China) def. Li Shuai (China) by TKO

-75 kg Chang Juncheng (China) def. Chu Shihao (China) by TKO

MMA 65 kg Li Haojie (China) def. Rustamov Asadullo (Tajikistan) by Decision

-60 kg Ali Zarinfar (Iran) def. Wei Weiyang (China) by Decision

-70 kg Dzianis Zuev (Russia) def. Ouyang Feng (China) by Decision

The climatic night of action saw Kunlun 87 swing into action with eight scheduled bouts taking place on the event. The highlight of the night saw China's Zheng Zhaoyu pit his elite skills against Rwandan fighter Sosthene Umucunguzi.

It was to be an easy night for the ever popular Zheng and his scored a massive TKO victory over the formidable Sosthene. And that wrapped up another successful three festival of elite combat from the people at KunLun Fight. Next up is the grand finals of the Kunlun tournament series in December.

Full results of Kunlun 87 Elite Fight Night:

-52.5 kg: Sun Luyao (China) def. Bruna (China) by TKO

-60 kg: Ma Le (China) def. Liu Xiyuan (China) by TKO

-63 kg: Fang Kejin (China) def. Tong Kelei (China) by Decision

-65 kg Bian Mengchao (China) def. Lv Jie (China) by TKO

-70 kg Guo Wentao (China) versus Wang Zhang Lin (China) ended in a Draw

-63 kg Akhmedov (Tajikistan) def. Tuerdibieke (China) by Decision

-52.5 kg Kuang Fei (China) def. Shima Pezeshkiaghadam (Iran) by Decision

-75 kg Zheng Zhaoyu (China) def. Sosthene Umucunguzi (Rwanda) by TKO

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