Fight fans, and in particular, fans of one of the world's premier Kickboxing organizations: Kunlun Fight, are in for another three day consecutive 'festival of combat' from Wednesday the 2nd of October to Friday the 4th of October in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, China.

The main event for Wednesday's Kunlun 85 pits Chinese kickboxing megastar Wu Shihan against Ukrainian combatant Vasily Sorokin at 77kgs.

The headline super bout for Thursday's Kunlun 86 will see Kunlun superstar, Dzianis Zuev face off against Chinese rising star, Ouyang Feng, in a contest set for 3-rounds at 70kgs.

The climatic day sees another Chinese star take to the Kunlun stage to headline Kunlun 87 as Zheng Zhaoyu gets ready to square off against Sosthene at 80kgs. The show will feature a host of Chinese and International Kickboxing and MuayThai stars showcasing their elite fighting skills to a Chinese and global audience.

The Full Lineup for Kunlun 85:

52.5kg Super Fight: Wu Yufei (CHN) VS Chen Xinyang (CHN)

60kg Super Fight: Huang Linbin (CHN) VS Hong Wei (CHN)

63kg Super Fight: Zhang Songshan (CHN) VS You Long (CHN)

65kg Super Fight: Shang Xifeng (CHN) VS Xu Yanwei(CHN)

70kg Super Fight: Zeng Jiawu (CHN) VS Ilias Iliasov (RUS)

75kg Super Fight: Lu Wenlong (CHN) VS Farhad Mandomi (IRN)

70kg Super Fight: Aili Mulatebleke (CHN) VS Mamurov Akamaljon (TJK)

67kg Super Fight: Lv Ruilei (CHN) VS Ahmad Nikkarchenijani (IRN)

77kg Super Fight: Wu Sihan (CHN) VS Vasiliy Sorokin (UKR)

75kg Super Fight: Tian Xin (CHN) VS Jamal Yusupov (RUS)

The Full Lineup for Kunlun 86:

52.5kg Super Fight: Sun Yuqiu (CHN) VS Gu Jiayi (CHN)

60kg Super Fight: Zhu Chang (CHN) VS Gao Zilong (CHN)

63kg Super Fight: Chen Xiaofan (CHN) VS Feng Tianhao (CHN)

65kg Super Fight: Hu Erkang (CHN) VS Ran Junhua (CHN)

70kg Super Fight: Li Shuai (CHN) VS Lu Jiahui (CHN)

75kg Super Fight: Chang Juncheng (CHN) VS Chu Shihao (CHN)

65kg MMA Super Fight: Li Haojie (CHN) VS Rustamov Asadullo (TJK)

60kg Super Fight: Wei Weiyang (CHN) VS Ali Zarinfar (IRN)

70kg Super Fight: Ouyang Feng (CHN) VS Dzianis Zuev (BLR)

The Full Lineup for Kunlun 87:

52.5kg Super Fight: Sun Luyao (CHN) VS Bruna (BRA)

60kg Super Fight: Ma Le (CHN) VS Tong Kelei (CHN)

63kg Super Fight: Fang Kejin (CHN) VS Liu Xiyuan (CHN)

65kg Super Fight: Bian Mengchao (CHN) VS Lv Jie (CHN)

70kg Super Fight: Meng Gaofeng (CHN) VS Zhang Lin (CHN)

75kg Super Fight: Gao Ang (CHN) VS Zhang Yanjie (CHN)

63kg Super Fight: Tuerdibieke (CHN) VS Akhmedov Umedjon (TJK)

52.5kg Super Fight: Kuang Fei (CHN) VS Shima Pezeshkiaghadam (IRN)

80kg Super Fight: Sosthene (RWA) VS Zheng Zhaoyu (CHN)

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