There were thrills, there were plenty of spills and a whole lot of elite Kickboxing on display as Kunlun Fight hosted a three-day "festival of combat' in the city of Zunyi, China, from the 13th to the 15th of September.

Kunlun 82. Kunlun 83 and Kunlun 84 are all now in the combat history books!

The man of hour was one of Kunlun's favorite sons, and a stalwart of the organization, none other than Belarusian warrior, Dzianis Zuev, as he claimed a prestigious Kunlun belt for winning the International 4-man tournament, which took place on day two of the weekends action.

Zuev squared off against China's Zhao Baotong in the second semifinal of the tourney. A close fought encounter witnessed Zuev overcome a formidable Zhao via a points decision.

In the opening semifinal, Russia's Artem Pashporin defeated Chinese combatant Song Shaoqiu. That victory came via a points decision.

The final came. It was Belarus versus Russia. Zuev versus Pashporin. The experience of Zeus was his guiding light to victory as he shone brighter than his opponent, to take home a points victory and all the Kunlun glory. There is little doubt now that Zuev will go down as one of the most decorated and successful fighters in the rich history of the Kunlun events.

The concept from the team at Kunlun to host a three-day nonstop marathon of elite Kickboxing and with a few MMA fights thrown in for good measure saw the thousands in attendance enjoy a spectacular extended weekend of action-packed contests.

Full results of Kunlun 82:

-52.5 kg: Gu Jiayi (China) def. Zhang Siyu (China) by Decision

-60 kg: Han Jiawei (China) def. Zhang Chao (China) by TKO

-63 kg: Huang Zixin (China) def. Wang Shunli (China) by decision

-65 kg Zhang Zihao (China) def. Zhao Xiran (China) by Decision

-70 kg Ouyang Feng (China) def. Ren Yawei (China) by TKO

-75 kg Liu Haoyang (China) def. Tang Guoliang (China) by KO

-70 kg Zhang Ye (China) def. Sun Yaowei (China) by Decision

-71 kg Kong Lingfeng (China) def. Evarard Augustine (Australia) by R3 TKO

-67 kg Izzeddin Al Derbani (Jordan) def. Wei Ninghui (China) by Decision

MMA 60 kg Valodya Ayvazyan(Armenia) def. Zhang Meixuan (China) by TKO retirement, 1st rd

Full results of Kunlun 83:

-70 kg KLF Intercontinental Championship finals: Dzianis Zuev (Belarus) def. Artem Pashporin (Russia) by Decision

-70 kg KLF Intercontinental Championship Reserve Fight: Niclas Ricky Larsen ( Denmark) def. Liu Hainan (China) by Decision

-60 kg: Zhang Ye (China) def. Swasing (Thailand) by Decision

-70 kg KLF Intercontinental Championship Semifinal #1

Dzianis Zuev (Belarus) def. Zhu Baotong (China) by Decision

-70 kg KLF Intercontinental Championship Semifinal #2

Artem Pashporin (Russia) def. Song Shaoqiu (China) by Decision

MMA 67kg Jair Junior (Brazil) def. Yan Xibo (China) by Armbar Submission, 1st rd

MMA 77 kg Zhang Lipeng (China) def. Mohmmad Naeemi (Iran) by Triangle Choke Submission, 1st rd

-75 kg Seyedisa Alamdarnezam (Iran) def. Feng Xingli (China) by Decision

Full results of Kunlun 84:

-52.5 kg: Zeng Xiaoting (China) def. Jiang Yalan (China) by Decision

-60 kg: Yang Hua (China) def. Xiatekeale (China) by Decision

-63 kg: Jiduoyibu (China) def. Devisson Paixao (Brazil) by Decision

-65 kg Liu Jiawei (China) def. Jakoba Gilbert (Madagascar) by TKO, 1st rd

-70 kg Liang Yuanhao (China) def. Wang Baoduo (China) by KO, 1st rd

-75 kg Sawettapong (Thailand) def. Chen Zijun (China) by Decision

-70 kg Luo Chao (China) def. Jiao Zhou (China) by Decision

-75 kg Ni Jun (China) def. Panom Topkingboxing (Thailand) by Decision

-66 kg Sun Zhixiang (China) def. Wacharasat Torsilachai (Thailand) by Decision

-75 kg Zhang Yang (China) def. Nayanesh Ayman (Congo-Kingshasa) by Decision

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