Kunlun Fight carries on from its fantastic show in August with a three-day festival of combat coming up on Friday the 13th, Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of September in the city of Zunyi, China.

Day-one will feature eleven super-bouts to get the three day festival of combat activities underway. The first eight contests of the day will feature all Chinese versus Chinese encounters. The final three contests will feature three home-grown talents squaring off against fighters from Australia, Jordan and Armenia.

The second-day of the combat festival will see global elite stars collide in a 4-man Intercontinental tournament with China's Zhu Baotong clashing with Belarusian fighter Dzianis Zuev facing off in the opening semifinal. The second semifinal pits China's Song Shaoqiu against Russia's Artem Pashporin.

The climatic day of the combat festival sees two kickboxing megastars collide when Nayanesh Ayman squares off against home favorite Zhang Yang. The show will also host nine super-bouts with combatants from around the world clashing with Chinese fighters.

The Full Lineup for Kunlun 82:

52.5kg Super Fight: Wang Xiyue (CHN) VS Zhang Siyu (CHN)

60kg Super Fight: Han Jiawei (CHN) VS Zou Huwei (CHN)

63kg Super Fight: Hang Zixin (CHN) VS Wang Shunli (CHN)

65kg Super Fight: Zhang Zihao (CHN) VS Ma Shuo (CHN)

70kg Super Fight: Lv Ruilei (CHN) VS Ouyang Feng (CHN)

75kg Super Fight: Liu Lei (CHN) VS Zhang Xiaoheng (CHN)

70kg Super Fight: Sun Yaowei (CHN) VS Zhang Ye (CHN)

71kg Super Fight: Evarard Augustine (AUS) VS Kong Lingfeng (CHN)

67kg Super Fight: Izzeddin Nafez (JOR) VS Wei Ninghui (CHN)

60kg MMA Super Fight: Valodya Ayvazyan (ARM) VS Zhang Meixuan (CHN)

The Full Lineup for Kunlun 83:

80kg Rookie Fight: Komsan Hanchana (THA) VS Wang Aogang (CHN)

KLF 70kg Intercontinental Championship Reserve Fight: Niclas Ricky Larsen (DNK) VS Liu Hainan (CHN)

KLF 70kg Intercontinental Championship Semifinals 1: Dzianis Zuev (BLR) VS Zhu Baotong (CHN)

KLF 70kg Intercontinental Championship Semifinals 2: Artem Pashporin (RUS) VS Song Shaoqiu (CHN)

67kg MMA Super Fight: Jair Roberto (BRA) VS Yan Xibo (CHN)

60kg Super Fight: Swasing (THA) VS Zhang Ye (CHN)

77kg MMA Super Fight: Mohmmad Naeemi (IRN) VS Zhang Lipeng (CHN)

67kg Super Fight: Izzeddin Nafez (JOR) VS Wei Ninghui (CHN)

75kg Super Fight: Seyedisa Alamdarnezam (IRN) VS Feng Xingli (CHN)

The Full Lineup for Kunlun 84:

52.5kg Super Fight: Zeng Xiaoting (CHN) VS Jiang Yalan (CHN)

60kg Super Fight: Yang Hua (CHN) VS Xiatekeale Wumanerale (CHN)

63kg Super Fight: Jiduoyibu (CHN) VS Davission Paixao (BRA)

65kg Super Fight: Liu Jiawei (CHN) VS Zhuang Weixin (CHN)

70kg Super Fight: Liang Yuanhao (CHN) VS Wang Baoduo (CHN)

75kg Super Fight: Chen Zijun (CHN) VS Mojtaba Davoudi (IRN)

70kg Super Fight: Jiao Zhou (CHN) VS Luo Chao (CHN)

75kg Super Fight: Panom Topkingboxing (THA) VS Ni Jun (CHN)

66kg Super Fight: Ahmad (IRN) VS Sun Zhixiang (CHN)

75kg Super Fight: Nayanesh Ayman (COD) VS Zhang Yang (CHN)

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