Kunlun81: Gurkov & LingFeng Shine in Beijing

Monday, July 30: This past Saturday night witnessed the much-anticipated return of Kunlun. The wait was worth it! The show and the fights did not disappoint!

The overall winners and grinners were Belarusian fighter Vitaly Gurkov and Chinese warrior Kong Lingfeng. Gurkov took home the glory in the 8-man 75 kg tournament, whilst LingFeng shocked the world with his graceful victory over International Kickboxing superstar, Andy Ristie.

The man of the night award went to the indomitable Gurkov, fighting out of his hometown Patriot gym, as he bruised and battled his way through the night’s 8-man tournament to become the new King of Kunlun.

In his opening quarterfinal matchup he squared off against China’s Yiliyasi, a contest he became the victor in, via a smart game plan of land clean effective combinations — from a distance!

In his semifinal matchup, Vitaly faced off against Wu Shihan, and was quick to disperse of his game opponent. The beginning of the end for Wu, came in the midst of the second round as he was caught by a thunderous body-shot, sending him crashing to the canvas, to the point of no return.

The final came, and it was Thai veteran, Saiyok Pumpanmuang who would stand in the way of Gurkov’s quest to become a two time Kunlun champion.

Gurkov set the tone early, landing some beautiful kicks and punches to the head and body of his opponent. The final bell rang: it was Gurkov’s hand raised to become the new Kunlun tournament champion.

The night’s main event featured China’s kickboxing superstar, Kong LingFeng, taking on Dutch sensation, Andy Ristie.

The contest was an exhausting no holds barred exhibit upper echelons Kickboxing skills as both fighters left it all in the ring. The bout was set for three, three minute rounds. Those nine minutes were epic: they produced kick after kick, punch after punch and knee after knee as both fighters went toe-to-toe to the appreciation of those in attendance.

The extra round was called — it was Kong who seemed to fight the smarter fight in the decisive climatic stanza as when the final bell sounded, he had his hand raised to take home the victory.

Full results from Kunlun 81:

Main Event, -75 kg KLF Eight-Man Championship Tournament Final Fight

Vitaly Gurkov (Belarus) def. Saiyok Pumpanmuang (Thailand) by UD

-70 kg: Kong Lingfeng (China) def. Andy Ristie (Suriname) by UD (extra rd)

-66 kg: Wei Ninghui (China) def. Bartosz Batra (Poland) by UD

-75 kg KLF Eight-Man Championship Tournament Semifinal #2

Vitaly Gurkov (Belarus) def. Wu Sihan (China) by KO, 2nd rd

-75 kg KLF Eight-Man Championship Tournament Semifinal #1

Pumpanmuang (Thailand) def. Jiao Fukai (China) by MD

(Kids fight) Zhang Xiongliang (China) def. Yan Sheng (China) by decision

MMA Rules, flyweight: Andrei Marchenko (Russia) def. Banmaduoji by decision

-75 kg KLF Eight-Man Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Fight 4/4

Wu Sihan (China) def. Mergen Bilyalov (Kazakhstan) by MD

-75 kg KLF Eight-Man Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Fight 3/4

Vitaly Gurkov (Belarus) def. Yiliyasi (China) by decision

-75 kg KLF Eight-Man Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Fight 2/4

Jiao Fukai (China) def. Dzianis Zuev (Blearus) by MD

-75 kg KLF Eight-Man Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Fight ¼

Saiyok Pumpanmuang (Thailand) def. Xu Liu (China) by UD

-75 kg KLF Eight-Man Championship Tournament (Reserve Bout)

Zhao Junchen (China) def. Sun Weipeng (China) by decision

-75 kg: Yang Bin (China) def. Sohrab Barhrami (Iran) by KO, 1st rd

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