The fight world was recently overshadowed by a whole month of huge upsets between the ropes, people were slack-jawed trying to make sense of Yodsanklai’s frustrating loss, followed by Joshua’s possibly biggest upset of the century, but there are two Thai expats that cannot be overlooked fighting against all the odds in Eastern China.

Manas, a former EM Legend world title holder, has compiled a staggering record with 8 back-to-back stoppage victories out of last 8 fights, heading into the showdown with his countryman Nutong, there were no sign of weakness and no question about his motivation. His opponent Nutong, a former Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Champion which has clearly separated himself from the rest of pack, enters the bout a slight underdog.

From the sound of the opening bell, it soon turns into a high-class chess game, there was hardly any combinations, they just tag each other with powerful single strikes connected with clinch and exchange of knees. Manas comes with an adjusted game plan in the 2nd round jumping all over Nutong with knees and kicks until the accumulated damage on Manas’s left leg starts to wear him down. He starts to throw telling shots while falls to the canvas every time when he tries a standing knee.

It puts Nutong in the driver’s seat and outworks Manas with powerful leg kicks. Credits should be given to Manas for going the distance, but I wished the fight had be called off earlier before the 3rd round, it was 3 minutes of punishment along with a knockdown scored until Manas is saved by the bell.

The bout is scored 29-26 in favor of Nutong with his dominance on full display, it snaps Manas’s knockout streak but it just kick starts Nutong’s that makes him now the “Public Enemy #1” in 65 kg division. Hossein Zadeh, a former member of Iran National Kickboxing Team and a title holder of Kickboxing World Championship, is called off by the corner retirement by Nutong’s relentless offensive; and Wu Fusheng, a Provincial Wushu & Sanda Champion, is floored by Nutong’s vicious knee. He has now stacked up to 7 back-to-back wins, 4 times knockout on Kunlun and almost invincible in his weightclass. He will soon come back for his 8th fight this week, stay tuned on Fightbox to watch live actions of KCPL.

Kunlun Combat Professional League (KCPL) is China's first League Fighting Serial affiliated to KunLun Fight Fighting Championship. KCPL includes 16 top-tier kickboxing teams representing 16 Chinese cites on the bracket fighting for the ultimate supremacy.

Each KCPL Event comprises of 6 fights in the categories of 52.5 kg (Female), 60 kg, 63 kg, 66 kg, 70 kg, 75 kg, each KO/win/draw/loss/loss&overweight counts as 3/2/1/0/-1 on the score sheet. When an event is completed, the KO's/wins/draws are added across and loss & overweights are added down, the team with the higher score is the winner team.

KCPL will be live exclusively on www.fightbox.com on Jun 29, 30, Jul 6, 7. Stay tuned for more details.

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