2018 Elite: The Lumpinee Stadium Award Winners

Sunday, December 2nd: It’s that time of the year when the elite Bangkok MuayThai stadiums announce their annual award winners. First up is Lumpinee stadium who this week made public the awardees for their coveted accolades.

Tawanchai from PK Saenchai gym is the fighter of the year for 2018. The classy operator has had quite the phenomenal year with some slick performances and victories over his ring nemesis Kulabdam and Neunglanlek, to name a few, helped seal this award for Tawanchai.

Bangkok’s Sitsarawatsuea gym has been crowned as gym of the year with 2018 being a breakout year for the gym: they had three of their fighters crowned as Lumpinee champions throughout periods of 2018.

The fight of the year award went to the incredible battle between Kulabdam Sor-Jor PiekUthai and MuangThai PK Saenchai, which took place back in June.

Young fighter of the year award went to Wanchainoi Singplapaknoi, who was crowned both Thailand and Lumpinee stadium light-flyweight champion, this year.

Mr. Wang Mahtong was crowned as the stadiums trainer of the year. He has helped changed the dynamic since joining the team at the Bangkok’s PK Saenchai gym.

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