Kunlun77: A Sensational Night Of Kickbkoxing Action

Monday, October 15th: Four men: whom we will call the ‘Kunlun Musketeers’ have enormous smiles on their faces today — as the dust settles from last night’s momentous Kunlun 77 — which took place in Tongling, China. These four elite combatants earned their right of passage into the ‘Final Four’ of the 2018 clash of titans Kunlun tournament. Those aforementioned gentlemen are Dzianis Zuev, Feng Xingli, Davit Kiria and Marouan Toutouh. Let’s start with Belarusian warrior Dzianis Zuev who last night squared off against rising star Vlad Tuinov, from Russia in a contest that did not disappoint those in attendance and the fight fans tuning in around the world. Both men came out swinging from the opening bell with no space to hide for either as their tit-for-tat battle went down to the final wire with the five ringside judges barely able to separate and it came down to the eyes of two judge who scored the contest to Zuev whilst three judges scored the fight a draw, so bringing about a slender points victory for Zuev. Next up was China’s stealthy sniper Feng Xingli who pitted his skills against Spanish Monster Jonay Risco. This fight had fireworks exploding all over the squares circle and it was Feng’s greater sense of want and drive that pushed and punched him to victory. Kunlun fan favorite Davit Kiria was next to step into the Kunlun cauldron where he clashed with Morocco’s Nordin Ben-Moh. It was a classic ‘shootout’ between these two fantastic modern day gladiators. It was Kiria’s unquestionable durability that helped him survive the continuous onslaught form his opponent, and finally the Georgian prince delivered his own deadly onslaught in the 3rd and climatic round — via some huge left hands — which ultimately left the Moroccan fighter unable to continue. Dutch/Moroccan fighter Marouan Toutouh collided with Russia’s Anatoly Moiseev for a coveted spot in the semifinals. It was all Toutouh as he outshone and outgunned his foe throughout the entire contest earning a unanimous points victory. Full results from Kunlun 77: 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/4 Final 1: Dzianis Zuev def Vlad Tuinov via R3 Decision 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/4 Final 2: Feng Xingli def Jonay Risco via R3 Decision 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/4 Final 3: Davit Kiria def Nordin Ben-Moh via R3 KO 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/4 Final 4: Marouan Toutouh def Anatoly Moiseev via R3 Decision 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship Reserve Fight: Wang Baoduo def Yiliyasi via R3 Decision 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship Reserve Fight: Zhu Baotong def Li Shiyuan via R2 TKO

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