Channel7 Stadium: A Rapturous Roundup

Sunday, Septmeber 23rd: This is how the story goes: there is a small quirky tv studio nestled amongst the chaotic craziness of Bangkok, a tv studio which every Sunday hosts upper echelons MuayThai fights, with combatants from across the Kingdom of Thailand looking to edge their names amongst the hoards of stars on the highly competitive elite fight circuit. 

Today’s show was another day of high drama at the stadium: the main event was simply one of epic proportions as Kaosanit Sor Dechapan gym faced of against KoKo Paedminburi, in what was to be their 4th encounter. 

Going into today’s showpiece contest each had one win a piece, and draw between them — today was Kaosanit’s day as his remarkable sense of never knowing when to quit combined with a jaw-dropping backbone secured him a magnificent victory over his foe, KoKo. 

The prelude to the main event saw Saenchainoi Sidchefboontam challenge Kritpetch PK Saenchai gym —  Kritpetch’s victory, via a points decision, sealed behind his passionate ring confidence for the PK Saenchai gym warrior. 

The second bout of the day pitted Sian Parunchai against Petchmuangsi Aodtuegdang — Petch’s perseverance and dogged stubbornness led him to a glorious points victory over Sian. 

The days opening encounter witnessed Tossagan Sor Lukchart take on Phaingern Sitweerachart — Phaingern outworked and outgunned his opponent with effective output and passion to take the win on points. 

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