KunLun75: An Explosive Night In Scintillating Sanya

Sunday, August 5th: It was yet another mesmerizing evening of elite combat action here in sunny Sanya for tonight’s KunLun75 where the final 16 clashes were held to decide who would sail into the ‘Elite Eight’ of the 2018 Kunlun ‘Clash of Titans’ tournament.

Seven of those aforementioned round of 16 classes took place as Thailand’s Superbon Banchamek was forced to withdraw from his contest with Congolese fighter Ayman Ayanesh due to a leg-muscle injury sustained 48-hours before the show. 

Tonight’s Contests:

Danish fighter Niclas Larsen faced off against Moroccan combatant Marouan TouTouh in the night’s opening fight in the tourney. 

It was all about Mr. Toutouh as he out in a solid performance with effective combinations of crisp punches and body kicks over three rounds to get a points decision over Larsen — who didn’t really turn up tonight — the judges scores: 30/28, 30/28, 30/27, 30/28 and 30/28. 

Next up was Russian fan favorite Vlad Tuinov against Morocco’s Ismael Benali in a very one-sided affair from start to finish. Vlad came, saw and conquered Ismael with two knockdowns in the second round and eventually winning a unanimous points decision with four judges scoring the contest 30/25 and one judge went 30/24 in what has to be described as a demoralizing defeat for Benali. 

Spanish powerhouse Jonay Risco went into war ‘Kunlun War’ with Chinese fighter Li Shiyuan in a fight many expected to bring fireworks — they came alright — but they were all from the hands and kicks of Jonay as he powered and pummeled his way to a unanimous points victory, with the judges scorecards reading: 30/28, 30/28, 30/27, 30/27 and 30/27.

It was a battle of Russia versus Georgia in the next encounter as one of the tournament favorites, Davit Kiria, took on Russian fighter Anatoliy Moiseev. Kiria set the tone early in the contest when he dropped his opponent to the canvas in round one for a referee’s eight count. 

Moiseev never recovered — in fact he was never allowed too — Kiria our in an impressive, potent display of sublime control with slick precise combinations to seal the deal on points, with the judges scorecards reading: 30/27, 30/28, 30/27, 30/28 and 30/28.

Nordin Ben Moh, hailing from Morocco, squared off with Ukraine’s Sergii Kuliaba in a fantastic matchup that on occasions could have gone either way, but it was Nordin’s sound, powerful performance that won the day on points with the judges scorecards reading: 29/29, 30/29, 30/30, 30/29 and 30/28. 

The night’s penultimate fight saw Australia’s Victor Nagbe and Belarusian elite warrior, Denis Zuev, went to calculated war over three pulsating rounds which ended up going the way of the former Kunlun champion, Zuev. His victory was gained behind a real hard gritty performance with the judges scoring the contest: 30/29, 30/29, 29/29, 29/29 and 30/29. 

The final contest of the evening was the night’s only all-Chinese affair as Liu Hainan pitted his skills against his compatriot, Feng Xingli. 

It was a strange encounter in the contest of nether fighter really-ever looking like they wanted the victory more than the other and it was Feng who came away with the unanimous points decision to seal his spot in the ‘Elite Eight’ of this year’s event. 

The Elite Eight Protagonists: 

Vlad Tuinov - Russia 

Jonay Risco - Spain 

Feng Xingli - China 

Denis Zuev - Belarus 

Nordin Ben Moh - Morocco 

Davit Kiria - Georgia 

Marauan Toutouh - Morocco 

Superbon Banchamek/Ayman Ayanesh 

KLF75 Full Fight Results: 1. 2018 KLF 67KG Super Fight: Yuya Yamato def Lu Jianbo via R3 TKO 2. 2018 KLF 90KG Super Fight: Hao Guanghua def Bojan Dzepina via R3 DECISION 3 .2018 KLF 72KG Super Fight Nayanesh Ayman def Jiao Zhou vis R3 DECISION 4. 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship Reserve Fight: Artem Pashporin def Zhu Baotong via Extra. R DECISION 5. 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship Reserve Fight: Kong Lingfeng def Takuya Imamura via Extra. R DECISION 6. 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/8 Final 1: Marouan Toutouh def Niclas Ricky Larsen via R3 DECISION 7. 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/8 Final 2: Vlad Tuinov def Ismael Benali via R3 DECISION 8. 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/8 Final 3: Jonay Risco def Li Shiyuan via R3 DECISION 9. 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/8 Final 4: Davit Kiria def Anatoliy Moiseev via R3 DECISION 10.2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/8 Final 5: Nordin Ben Moh def Sergli Kuliaba via R3 DECISION 11. 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/8 Final 6: Dzianis Zuev def Victor Nagbe via R3 DECISION 12. 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/8 Final 7: Feng Xingli def Liu Hannan via R3 DECISION PS: Superbon Banchamek is forced to pull out of KLF 75 due to muscular strain during his training, his rematch against Nayanesh Ayman will be resheduled to KLF 76 dated 9 September, 2018 in Zhangqiu, China. You can watch the replay of entire show on the following platforms: Fite TV, EB TV, KLF APP, Fight Network, Fightbox HD, Epicentre.tv, 8 count.tv 

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