The Allure Of Rebellion MuayThai

Thursday, August 2nd: Take a minute, sit right there and take your mind back to a blood-thirsty Saturday night in Melbourne — March 3rd, 2018 to be precise — it was a night of utter organized ‘Muay Mayhem’ between Australia’s pound-for-pound MuayThai King and a young unheralded predator from Slovakia. 

That aforementioned King is Toby ‘The Weapon’ Smith and the Hunter is Jakub Benko. If you have been hiding under a proverbial rock this past few months: DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND WATCH: Part I, you will be mesmerized at the heart, grit, steel and bravery showcased by both warriors! 

Speaking of Part I: Here it is via MuayTies: Smith Versus Benko: First Blood

After five rounds of utter carnage Toby Smith was the rightful victor on the judges scorecards — but the winners on the night were both boys — and all those lucky enough to witness the show in the flash, or via the worldwide stream.

The man behind bringing these two together in #muayromance is none other than the daddy of Rebellion MuayThai, Mr. Sy Nadji, aka the Persian Prince.  

The here and now: 

The wondrous reality is they will go at it once again, for the showpiece encounter on Rebellion: Part XX.

The show takes place on Saturday the 18th of August at the St. Kilda Town Hall in Melbourne —  get your tickets here: Tickets for Rebellion XX : catch a train, plane or automobile, yep you get the drift : you should go there! 

SFN caught up with the man behind Rebellion for a few brief words this week, as the build-up to the show continues: Mr. Sy stated....

 “Their first meeting was a truly memorable encounter, the unknown Slovakian shocked everyone with his resilience and his ability to nullify Smith’s biggest strength, his clinch game, Toby proved why he is one of the top fighters in the world by adjusting and overcoming the surprise package in front of him. On August 18 we pick up where they left off!

Rebellion 20, the final Rebellion of 2018 is set to showcase Australia’s finest facing each other as well as elite challengers from Thailand and Europe, including Raja and WBC Muaythai Star, Kompetchlek Fairtex and former channel 7 star and One Super Series stand out Saemapetch Fairtex.”


Having followed Rebellion since day one, you can’t help but admire what Sy has done for our sport in a city that was always (until recent times) synonymous with the sport of Kickboxing — he has changed the narrative where now the reality is that Melbourne is home to Australia’s undisputed premier MuayThai promotion.  

Also on the upcoming event former WBC MuayThai world champion, Kompetchlek, fighting out of the famed Fairtex gym will clash with formidable Australian combatant, David Pemminpede, a young man on a mission to conquer the MuayThai world — trained under the expert tutelage of Danny Jones — this ladies and gentlemen will be a calculated war of attrition.  

Last but most certainly not least: the human wrecking ball that is Saemapetch Fairtex will collide with Perth fighter Jordan Godtfredsen in what has the makings of a scintillating matchup. Both boys are in a rich vein of form with Saemapetch coming off a destructive victory over Lithuanian fighter, Deividas, and Godtfredsen fresh off a victory over a highly touted Roy Wills.  

The countdown is on for these three mega showdowns: plus many, many more exciting matchups for the night’s elite MuayThai action. 

Let’s expect copious amounts of ‘Beautiful Brutality’ on the upcoming Rebellion MuayThai promotion which you can watch live via: Rebellion XX: Live Stream

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