Recap: Captivating Channel7 Stadium

Monday, July 30th: One might get bored of writing the same scenario of saying it was yet another day of high drama and excitement at Bangkok’s weekly Channel 7 stadium fights....

But the honest reality is no, no, no: the matchmaking, the atmosphere and most importantly of all, the fights are pure ‘MuayThai Gold’ - each and every Sunday afternoon here in the boisterous city of Bangkok. 

Yesterday was no different as we witnessed the first combatant earn his right of passage into the  semifinals of the 2018 Tiger cement tournament — Thailand’s single most lucrative MuayThai tournament — the winner receives upwards of ฿800,000 (roughly $24,000) in cash and accolades for the winning the prestigious yearly event. 

The contests: 

The opening bout was a sink or swim scenario for both fighters as the loser of this contest from group (A) of the elite eight in this year’s Tiger cement tourney would be eliminated from the event. 

The two warriors who squared off against each other were Pradungern Sakburiram gym and 

Fahpratan Dabransarakarm gym, it was Fahpratan who made a statement of serious intent to the rest of the fighters remaining in the tournament as he stopped Pradungern in the 2nd round, via a vicious elbow knockout. 

The second bout of the day featured Thanachart Sor Julasen, who was undefeated in the tournament, going into this contest.  

His opponent, Terkiat Sor-Sor Pakorn, put in an unflustered performance over five rounds of exciting action to get the unanimous points decision over Thanachart, to hand him his first taste of defeat in this year’s Tiger cement tournament. And in doing so, Terkiat sails into the semifinals of this year’s championship tournament.  

Thanachart will now face off against Fahpratan to see who will join Terkiat in the semifinals.  

The prelude to the main event event pitted 18-year old Chusab Tor-Sitipon against 19-year old Robocop RabGoldGym. 

It was a mixture of elegance and beautiful brutality from Chusab and those electric leg-kicks in the opening two rounds that seemed enough for the judges to hand him the much wanted victory, via a points decision.  

Rounds three, four and five were a back-and-forth ‘Muay Shootout’ with both fighters never knowing when to quit. But the ringside judges deemed Chusab to have done enough thanks to his relentless one-way onslaught in the early rounds.  

The showpiece encounter was a slow-paced contest in the opening couple of rounds, as both Yodthongthai and his opponent, Sibsaen, were harboring 0-3 records in their most recent ring outings, and you could feel that sense of apprehension in the air from both fighters.  

The latter part of the contest was controlled by Sibsaen with an effective passive aggressive style that never allowed Yodthongthai to get off to the races in the contest. Sibsaen took the victory via a unanimous points decision. 

The Weekly Viewing:

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