The AllStarFight Global Invasion

Sunday, July 8th: Bangkok based AllStarFight promotions made a hugely successful foray into Europe this past weekend — more specifically the magnificent city of Prague — where magical Muay memories were forged by fans and fighters alike.

Bangkok, Hong Kong and now Prague have been sprinkled with the AllStarFight magic dust as the young promotion continues to promote MuayThai around the globe. 

Leading the charge west from Bangkok to Europe was ‘Global Fighting Icon’ Buakaw Banchamek and his loyal friend and gym-mate Superbon ‘Smooth As Silk’ Banchamek. The atmosphere around the city all week was truly electric as AllStarFight teamed up with Harley Davidson motorcycles to put on a spectacular showcase of elite MuayThai in front of thousands of fans at the TipSports Arena in central Prague.  The showpiece encounter between Buakaw and Czech rising star Michael Krcmar was written in the Muay stars as both combatants gave as good as they got over the nine minutes of pulsating action — Buakaw had his hand raised in victory and Michael earned the respect of everyone watching the contest.

The evening’s prelude to the main event saw the classy Superbon make his AllStar debut and wow: what a spellbinding debut it was! He gave a seminar on how to utilize every weapon available to a MuayThai warrior and gave us all an elegant educational insight into his vastly intelligent mind, within the squared circle — he was victorious over his German opponent, Fabian Hundt, via a 3rd round referee stoppage, after Fabian had taken enough punishment from super Superbon.

The highly anticipated return to elite MuayThai action of Thongchai Sitsongpeenong did not go to plan as the man standing opposite him had other ideas and ended up spoiling the party for the former Lumpinee stadium champion — that aforementioned foe was 36-year Slovakian warrior Vladimir Moravcik — he took the victory via points decision.

Manachai the ‘Muay Maniac’ from Yokkao gym gave a composed display of efficient ruthlessness in his contest with Spanish fighter Nauzet Trujillo, a contest he took via a unanimous points decision. Opinion: For those of us who live and love this sport 24/7, and for those who love it a little, or a lot, it was quite a memorable week in Prague —  to see the locals embrace AllStarFight and our wondrous unique sport of MuayThai — we have to tip our hats to the fine people at ASF who make the courageous financial decisions to take their promotion global! P.S. Watch this space for AllStarFight: Part VI

Full results from AllStarFight, Prague: Buakaw Banchamek defeated Michael Krcma via a points decision Superbon Banchamek defeated Fabian Hundt via TKO in Round 3 Manachai Yokkao Saenchai Gym defeated Nauzet Trujillo via a points decision Vladimir Moracvik defeated Thongchai Sitsongpeenong via a points decision Charlie Guest versus Cola Banchamek ended in a draw Daniel Vitovee defeated Khabibullin Dmitri via a points decision Jussi Santalahti defeater Lukas Devorak via a points decision

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