Toby Smith Reigns Supreme on Domination in Perth

Saturday, June 2nd: The second coming of Toby ‘The Weapon’ Smith continued unabated on tonight’s Domination MuayThai promotion in Perth, Australia. 

For the evening’s showpiece contest Toby was matched against 22-year old English fighter Sam Gough, fighting out of Bangkok’s Kiatphontip gym.  

The ThaiBoxingPit Gym elite combatant unleashed his venomous, unrelenting and destructive style to the bedazzlement of those in attendance and those lucky enough to be watching via LiveCombatSports streaming service. 

 The contest itself: 

The opening stanza started off with Toby looking to test the chin of his opponent with a couple of well-timed left hooks accompanied by well executed body kicks. 

As the round progressed into the latter stages Toby opened up with some solid body-shots with pin-perfect precision — Sam for his part continuously walked forward looking to try and set up counter strikes behind his jab — but round one was all Toby and the beginning of his hunting mission. 

The second round started with Sam once again trying to walk down Toby, who almost immediately let a thunderous body-shot go to the left midsection of his opponent, setting the  tone for the rest of the round. He followed on with a beautiful left hook and then sent Sam crashing to the canvas with a well timed catch of the kicking leg and executed the sweep.

Sam continued to walk forwards with warrior spirit, but once again Toby was picking off his shots with Sam looking to keep a sold high guard throughout in order to soak up the unrelenting pressure from the weapon. 

The Elbow show: 

The third round, the final round as it turned out to be, started off with Toby stepping up his game as he hunted Sam around the ring with his signature barrage of ‘Beautiful Brutality’ of elbows. 

It worked: he dropped Sam to the canvas with a slick elbow — Sam rose to his feet — took the referee’s eight-count, but across the ring in the neutral corner was a heavily breathing Toby Smith plotting and scheming his opponents downfall, and shortly after it came in devastating fashion....a fast paced one-two followed by another thunderous elbow and that sent a courageous Sam Gough into the shadow realms.

The referee in charge, Bill Seth, called a halt to the contest and Toby Smith was crowned the WKN super-middleweight (168 lbs, 76.364 kg) world champion. 

Toby is back where he belongs up amongst the best of the super-middleweights in the elite world of MuayThai and next he takes his steely skills to Ireland to show Irish and European fight fans (in the flesh) what "The Weapon" is all about.  

Photograph's courtesy of Mr. Gavin Fuller. 

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