Kunlun Macau: Simply Sensational Superbon

Friday, June 1st: Tonight’s Kunlun Event in mesmerizing Macau was all about one man and that man was the classy Superbon from Banchamek gym. He went into this evening’s eagerly awaited fight against Belorussian gladiator Dzianis Zuev with the weight of the world on his shoulders — quite a few people saying he was maybe out to pasture — resulting from his demoralizing defeat to Marat Grigorian on Kunlun 69, back in February.

Tonight he answered his critics with a classy, elegant and poised performance against formidable Zuev: out-thinking, outwitting and out-gunning his opponent with a continuous barrage of powerful piercing knees and venomous body-kicks. From start to finish, Superbon put the pressure on Zuev, not giving his opponent anytime to get going — he left his Belorussian opponent bloodied and bruised — by the the time the final bell rang you could see Belorussian knew he came up against Superbon on the wrong night. The five ringside judges scored the contest: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27, 30-29 and 30-28. Another shining light on this evening’s show was Kazakhstan fighter Mergen ‘GGG’ Bilyalov. The 26-year old dominated his Chinese opponent, Huang Kai, with a ruthless display of deadly precision and exquisite ring prowess.

The three ringside judges scored the contest: 29-29, 28,30 and 29,30 for a majority decision for the Kazakhstan combatant. Full results from Kunlun Fight Macau: 66KG Super Fight : Sun Zhixiang def Saranyoo Intharaprasoet via R3 Decision 67KG Super Fight : Lu Jianbo def Eiki via R1 TKO 75KG Super Fight : Zhang Yang def Andronikos Evripidou via R1 TKO 61.5KG Super Fight : Lin Qiangbang def Amnat Ruenroeng via R3 Decision 62KG Super Fight : Lu Dongqiang def Italo Freitas via R3 Decision 83KG Super Fight: Law Chosing def Tengnueng Sitjesairong via R3 Decision MMA Featherweight Bout : Yan Xibo def Mark Abelardo via R1 RND 65KG Super Fight: Chaimongkhon Kitsamak def Li Zihao via R3 Decision 70KG Muaythai Fight: Chamrat Ketleng def Jiao Zhou via R3 Decision 88KG Super Fight : Yang Yu def Ishimbaev Llnar via R3 Decision 75KG Super Fight : Mergen Bilyalov def Huang Kai via R3 Decision 70KG Super Fight: Superbon Banchamek def Dzianis Zuev via R3 Decision

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