The Phoenix Success Train Is Lumpinee Stadium Bound

Sunday, May 20th: We are only a matter of days away from Phoenix Fighting Championship 8 which takes place at the Bangkok’s world famous Lumpinee Stadium on Tuesday night - the 22nd of May. The show will feature ten contests: with one Lumpinee stadium title and two Phoenix world titles on the line.

The promotion continues to showcase the wonderful fighting art of MuayThai to a worldwide audience — and once again you can watch the entire show live on the Phoenix Facebook page.

Mr. Chahe Yerevanian and his team, along with SitNumnoi promotions have amassed a fantastic fight card for Tuesday night’s event, with a multitude of global MuayThai stars featuring in what promises to be a memorable night of elite fight action.

The evening’s showpiece contest pits Moroccan warrior Youssef Boughanem against Thailand’s danger-man, Talaytong Sor Tanapetch, for the vacant Lumpinee stadium middleweight (160lb) championship title. Youssef is the current Rajadamnern stadium middleweight champion — he will make ‘MuayThai History’ — if he overcomes formidable Talaytong in becoming the first ever non-Thai to hold prestigious Lumpinee and Rajadamnern titles, simultaneously. Talaytong for his part is the current Thailand and Channel7 stadium super-welterweight (154lbs) champion. His most recent outing in the ring saw him claim the TopKingWorldSeries one-night 4-man tournament.

The evening’s co-main event is one of scintillating proportions with the current Channel7 stadium lightweight (135lbs) champion Rambo taking on the newly crowned Isuzu tournament champion Tanonchai from Rachanon gym.

Next up sees the current Lumpinee stadium welterweight (147lbs) champion Rafi Bohic square off against his ‘Arch Nemesis’ Pongsiri from PK Saenchai gym in what has the makings of another bloodied war between these two modern day ring warriors. This contest is for the vacant Phoenix Fighting Championship welterweight world title.

In a battle of the super-big boys Moroccan super-heavy King Yassine Boughanem will defend his Phoenix world title against former UFC fighter fighter James McSweeney from England. Yassine is the current WBC MuayThai super-heavyweight champion of the world.

Another of the fascinating encounters for the show sees former Channel7 stadium ‘fighter of the year’ winner Paedsanlek from Rachanon gym take on Por Pinapat gym fighter Inseetong in a super-contest set at 142lbs.

The Full Lineup:

Kongfah Thanaimichel🆚Adtewada Lukboonmee

Rak Erawan🆚Saklek Kiatphetdecha

kulabkao Sor Kullawong🆚Jongangdum Sitnumnoi

Yassine Boughanem🆚James McSweeney

Padsenlek Rachanon🆚Inseetong Por Pinnapat

Rafi Singpatong🆚Pongsiri Pet-Por-Tor-Or Youssef Boughanem🆚Talaytong Sor Tanapetch

Tanonchai Rachanon🆚Rambo Pet-Por-Tor-Or

Arthur Singpatong🆚Tabongpetch Pornchai

Superball Sityodtong🆚Narak PornPrajak

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