KUNLUN72: Crowning Glory for Tuinov and Toutouh

Sunday April 15th: In what was yet another tremendous night of elite Kickboxing action in the alluring city of Beijing Dutch fighter Marouan Toutouh and Russian combatant Vlad Tuinov sealed their places in the final 16 of the 2018 ‘Clash of Titans’ 70kg prestigious tournament.

Let’s start with the Russian Assassins route to glory on this event: In his semifinal clash Tuinov squared off against Belgian fighter Yassin Baitar in what many perceived to be a tricky encounter for both fighters and it was the Russian who came out on top sealing the victory via a points decision. He then clashed with Japan’s Tomoyuki Nishikawa in the final, Tomoyuki sealed his spot in the final against Tuinov after he conquered China’s Wu Xuesong on points in a fight that needed an extra round to send the Japanese warrior into the final. The final came and it was Tuinov who painted the canvas with his powerful art of ring execution via a 1st round knockout.

The destructive Toutouh’s route to glory: Marouan Toutouh came into this weekend’s group 5 qualifying event as a heavily touted favorite but he also had what many believed to be the most formidable opponent standing in his way for his semifinal fight — that enemy being Nayanesh Ayman — the two clashed heavily over three exciting rounds of action and the contest was ruled a draw from the ringside judges. Then came the ruthless reality for poor Ayman who a day earlier failed to make weight and was given a ‘Yellow Card’ (You are docked one point for a yellow card, which is then deducted from the overall judges tallies) so he forfeited the contest and Toutouh progress into the final. The final came and Marouan was pitted against fellow warrior Milan Pales from Slovakia who had earlier dispersed of China’s Zhang Dezheng via a 2nd round knockout. The Slovak warrior gave the Dutch maestro a run for his money in the early stages of the final but it was to be a glorious night for Toutouh who ended Pales hopes and dreams via a TKO victory in the 3rd and final round. Full results from this evening’s KUNLUN 72: 1️⃣Luo Jie 🇨🇳 defeated Aratunan Albert 🇷🇺 via a points decision in a super-bout 2️⃣Yuma Matsui 🇯🇵 defeated Lishuai 🇨🇳 via a points decision in a super-bout 3️⃣Zhu Baotong defeated Takafumi Morita 🇯🇵 via a points decision in a tournament reserve fight 4️⃣Group (E) SemiFinal: Tomoyuki Nishikawa 🇯🇵 defeated Wu Xuesong 🇨🇳 via an extra round points decision 5️⃣Group (E) SemiFinal: Vlad Tuinov 🇷🇺 defeated Yassin Baitar 🇧🇪 via a points decision 6️⃣Hudson Rocha 🇧🇷 defeated Wan Jianping 🇨🇳 via a GC in an MMA super-bout 7️⃣Guan Acui 🇨🇳 defeated Silvia La Notte 🇮🇹 via a points decision in a super-bout 8️⃣Group (E) Final: Vlad Tuinov 🇷🇺 defeated Tomoyuki Nishikawa 🇯🇵 via a 1st round KO 9️⃣Group (F) SemiFinal: Milan Pales 🇸🇰 defeated Zhang Dezheng 🇨🇳 via a 2nd round KO 🔟Group (F) Semifinal: Marouan Toutouh 🇳🇱 Nayanesh Ayman ended in a draw after the 3 rounds — Ayman was deducted a point for being overweight at the weigh-in so the victory was awarded to his Dutch opponent 1️⃣1️⃣Banmadouji 🇨🇳 defeated Umidjon Musayev 🇹🇯 via a 1st round GNP in an MMA bout 1️⃣2️⃣Lin Qiangbang 🇨🇳 defeated Vladimir Litkyn 🇷🇺 via a 1st round KO in a super-bout 1️⃣3️⃣Group (F) Final: Marouan Toutouh 🇳🇱 defeated Milan Pales 🇸🇰 via a 3rd round KO

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