Kunlun 71: Qingdao will be QingWOW this weekend

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018: Qingdao (pronounced Chingdao) is home to this weekend’s next phrase of qualifiers for kickboxing’s biggest tournament: The Clash Of Titans yearly 70kg event features 64 of the worlds top kickboxing exponents slogging it out to be crowned the ‘King of KunLun.’

The current man to wear the crown is Belgium superstar Marat Grigorian who was enthroned as the 2017/2018 champion of this prestigious event back in February of this year.

The show takes place at the Mangrove Tree Resort in Qingdao starting at 2:40pm (UTC+8).

The protagonists for this weeks qualifiers:

Group (A). 1️⃣ Lukasz Plawecki 🇵🇱 🆚 Kong Lingfeng 🇨🇳 2️⃣ Nordin Ben 🇲🇦 🆚 Anatoliy Moiseev 🇷🇺 Winner 1️⃣ 🆚 Winner 2️⃣ Group (B). 1️⃣ Niclas Larsen 🇩🇰 🆚 Noppagao Siriluck 🇹🇭 2️⃣ David Calvo 🇪🇸 🆚 Tian Xin 🇨🇳 Winner 1️⃣ 🆚 Winner 2️⃣

The winner of Group A and the winner of group B will join Australia’s Victor Nagbe and Frenchman Yohann Drai who qualified from the most recent event in Sanya.

An all Chinese affair opens the show with Bao Yudan facing off against Ge Ping in a female super-bout, set at 65kgs.

Razanajatovo Fazaraly from Madagascar 🇲🇬 will collide with Chinese 🇨🇳 fighter Zhang Jinhu in a 63kg super fight.

Moroccan 🇲🇦 fighter will clash with China’s 🇨🇳 Yillyasi in a reserve bout for the 2018 tournament.

Russian 🇷🇺 fighter Bagautdin Abasov, fresh off a monstrous 1st round ‘KO’ victory on Kunlun 70 returns to fight Chinese China 🇨🇳 fighter Zhang Lipeng in an 80kg MMA super-bout.

Belorussian 🇧🇾 boxer Pavel Turuk clashes with China’s 🇨🇳 Bo Fufan in an 80kg super fight.

In the nights second MMA bout Brazilian 🇧🇷 fighter Fabricio Andrade collides with China’s 🇨🇳 Xiathe in a flyweight super-bout.

Next up is another All Chinese 🇨🇳 67kg super fight between Jia Aoqi and Zhang Chunyu.

Canadian 🇨🇦 fighter Denis Puric reruns to the Kunlun stage to face off against Chinese 🇨🇳 boxer Jiao Daobo in a super-bout set at 61.5kgs.

In what has the makings of quite the scintillating fight, Thailand’s 🇹🇭 former multi-time elite stadium champion Jomthong Chuwattana will square off against the original ‘Kunlun tournament King’ Dzianis Zuev from Belarus.

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