Muay Recap: Today’s show at Channel 7 Stadium

Sunday, February 18th : Today’s show at the famed TV stadium had more excitement and moments of Muay madness which thrilled all in attendance.

The show’s main event failed to materialize into the explosive war that many anticipated — the 147lb title was scraped from the fight at the last minute and it seemed like Pongsiri wasn’t motivated to overly engage a much larger Manachai (pictured above), who would go on to win the bout on points.

The weight advantage which was afforded to Manachai wasn’t his doing and he did what he had to do, in order to claim victory on his first ever fight at Channel7️⃣ stadium.

The prelude to the main event saw Petchsamila from Kiatjaroenchai gym (pictured above) overwhelm his opponent Kangkoadang, with fantastic aggressive confidence and ring prowess.

Kudos to Kangkaodang for putting up a warrior performance against his larger opponent. The second fight of the day featured Petchbandsan from Sor-Jor Lekmuangnon gym gain a glorious victory over Petalung Pitaktangluang, winning the fight with scintillating speed and terrific timing, which in turn confused the mindset of his opponent .

The shows opening bout pitted 27-year old veteran Surin (pictured post fight with his gym boss) from Paedminburi gym against 18-year old Eakalak in a battle of wits, which saw the experience and beautiful elbows of Surin reign supreme.

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