The Swedish slayer strikes again

When opportunity knocks, you either take it, embrace it, work hard for it and knock that opportunity into the win column, or you sink — it’s a simple equation! Not rocket science, right? Sitsongpeenong’s ‘Swedish slayer’ Isa Tidblad did the former on last Saturday’s Thai Fight promotion in Bangkok. Even more impressive was the fact that she was the only foreigner to come away with a ‘V her pocket’ on an otherwise one sided event for the fighters from Thailand, who were competing against MuayThai fighters from around the globe. Flash back to Friday’s weigh-in, Isa’s opponent, Thailand’s highly touted Mungkornkao struggled, and ultimately failed to make the agreed upon weight limit of 65kgs. After an hour or so of frantic sweating from skipping and running in a sauna suit Mungkornkao hit the scales at 65.4kgs. Isa has earlier stepped on the scales at 64.5kgs.

The Sitsongpeenong team allowed the .4kgs to slide and we had the next step : Fight on! The fight itself saw Isa dominate with classy ring prowess, more aggressive movement and she used her tremendous boxing skills to snuff out the constant threat of Mungkornkao’s main weapons of choice, her left kicks and long piercing knees. Isa continued her fast paced work rate throughout the entirety of the fight; a game plan which in the end worked to perfection. Every time Mungkornkao initiated the clinch, Isa kneed her inside leg in an attempt to subdue the power coming from those, at times powerful knees from the strapping Thai fighter. Isa’s most potent weapon in the fight was her left hook, and elbow combination, which she executed at times with supreme precision. After nine minutes of back and forth pulsating action Isa’s hand was raised in glorious victory. For this bout Isa trained exhaustingly day in, day out with former two-time Lumpinee stadium champion Sayanoi and the rest of the team at the gym.

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