Meet the new president of Rajadamnern Stadium

It can any typical Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evening at the famed and storied Rajadamnern Stadium here in Bangkok, and somewhere within the hollowed coliseum of MuayThai a softly spoken gentleman going by the name of Khun (Mr.) Prai can be observed directing operations for the night’s event. 

The sixty-three old, who has been manager of the stadium since 2001 has recently been rewarded for his sixteen years of dedication and hard work with the announcement that he will very shortly become the stadium’s new president. 

This tremendous and honorable opportunity will be undertaken with supreme professionalism as he has shown throughout his long career at Bangkok’s number one MuayThai arena. 

The consummate family man, Mr Prai has in recent times been joined at the stadium by his daughter, Nymph, who holds the position of assistant general manager and is also leading the charge when it comes to marketing and promoting the stadium to the world. 

Mr Prai was the brains behind the hugely successful Rajadamnern 'International fight night' which took place earlier this year, which featured big names like Youssef Boughanem and Chadd Collins taking on some of Thailand's finest fighters. Watch this space for part II coming in 2018. 

If you have noticed in recent months how proactive the Rajadamnern Stadium  Facebook page has been in the usage of the worlds lingua franca, aka the English language — then you have this bilingual young lady to thank for those en-devours. 

Rajadamnern stadium has had an incredibly prosperous year this year, long may that continue into the future! 

Finally the stadium’s big upcoming 72nd birthday celebration show is just around the corner, taking place on the 21st of December. The night will feature a multitude of Thailand’s biggest MuayThai stars in action. 

If you happen to be here in the city of Angels; do not miss this event. 

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