Muay Elite: Rajadamnern fighter of the year for 2017

Quite simply speaking, to capture the coveted Rajadamnern Stadium ‘Fighter of the year’ award, you need to conquer elite fighters — you also need to be beating those fighters with supremacy — and as importantly you need to fight and win regularly (you won’t be considered if you have less than 7 high end wins in the calendar year) at the stadium commonly known at the ‘coliseum’ of MuayThai.

Easily done, right? No! But the young man who has just been crowned with that aforementioned accolade has done all of the above over the last twelve months.

This year’s recipient of the stadium’s ‘fighter of the year’ is none of other than AunSukhumvit gym fighter, Petwason.

The native of Yasothon province in Northeastern Thailand has set the hollowed ring at Rajadamnern Stadium on fire this year, with sublime dominant performances throughout the entire annum.

Petwason’s year started off as it finished, in high spirits when he took on former multi-time stadium champion, Mongkolchai, from Kiatpetch gym back on January 26th — a fight he won in dominant fashion, on points.

His next ring outing at the stadium was March 2nd when he faced off against one the stadium’s current stars, Petdam from Petchyindee gym. Again along came another points victory for the AunSukhumvit fighter.

April 27th saw Petwason collide with Thailand featherweight champion, Tawanchai from PK Saenchai gym — and after five pulsating rounds of action the two fighters could not be separated -- the bout ended in a draw.

As his star continued to rise Petwason got his first main event fight for the year at the stadium and he didn't disappoint as he dominated Rungkao Wor Sungprapai over five rounds, taking a convincing points win.

Next up in August, Petwason faced off against the stadium’s featherweight champion Petchtaksin Sor Sommai. It took Petwason four rounds before be smoothly dispatched of the champion in deadly clinical fashion.

His next bout took place on September 11th when he went toe-to-toe with the formidable Tepubut Santi-Ubon. Another fight and yet another supreme points victory was achieved by Petwason.

The month of October saw no MuayThai action here in Bangkok due to the funeral of Thailand’s late King, so Petwason’s next bout of the year took place on November 15th when he took on the mighty Superbank Mor Ratanabandit.

The outcome was pretty much the same as his previous victories this year as the young man with a big reputation completely demoralized Superbank over five rounds, a bout which took place at the most famous MuayThai arena in the world, Rajadamnern Stadium.

Later this month, on the morning of the 21st of December Petwason will done a suit and receive his highly coveted and well deserved accolade, along with a hefty cash reward.

Later that night he will once again grace the stage of Rajadamnern where he will square off against another rising star in the sport of MuayThai, Petnamgarm, a bout that takes place on the stadium’s 72nd anniversary celebration show.

Don’t forget the name: Petwason AunSukhumvit, or as he is now known as Petwason Or Daokajai — the Or Daokajai being new sponsors who have come on board; to show him the money.

Finally, it has been just over two years since the tall rangy Petwason won his first major stadium title when he was crowned the Rajadamnern bantamweight champion.

I don’t see it as a fallacy to say that there will be many more titles and accolades to come for the twenty year old from Issan.

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