Fantasyland: Buakaw versus Pinca is going down in Paris

Flashback to Saturday the 30th of September out at the Workpoint TV studios. A Frenchman going by the name of Amidou was running through some points of matter with his two commentators ahead of the night’s fights on the second AllStarFight show.

This, that and other was mentioned in relation to the broadcast for Fox Sports — and on a final note he said “Oh guys, I want you to announce our headliner for the Paris show that will take place in December.”

I waited for him to say Buakaw versus someone who to be honest didn’t really get my excitement levels pumping — and then, he literally pulled the rabbit out of the hat — “Fabio Pinca has agreed and signed with us to fight Buakaw!”

Well that was it, I couldn’t contain myself, my exhilaration and anticipation levels rose to cloud nine and all I kept thinking was, how many weeks left until December comes.

AllStarFight promotions have managed do what countless others haven’t been able to accomplish over the years — and now Pinca and Buakaw will meet at 70kgs over five rounds of full MuayThai action on Sunday the 10th of December.

Hats to Sasan and the rest of the team for finally making this match-up come to fruition.

So now it’s been publicly confirmed, social media has been abuzz with exuberant enthusiasm — and I imagined Ryanair got a sudden surge in flight bookings to Paris for the weekend of the 9/10th of December. Planes, trains and all sorts of automobiles will be involved in getting the hoards of fight fans who will converge on the city of Paris for this epic showdown!

There has been conjecture and talk about how Pinca will have problems moving up to fight at 70kgs, and also, is Buakaw too old (past his prime) for this fight? For me, the simple answer to both of those is a big fat no!

This is perfectly timed for both of these masters of the squared circle to collide. Both are fantastic ring technicians — and will each have their work cut out, to outsmart the other, so bring on the Muay chess match.

It’s all set up for a scintillating showdown in the city that is synonymous with love — let’s hope that Buakaw and Pinca show us some Muay love!

I can’t wait for this fight to happen. The countdown is on! See you all in Paris.

The line-up for the entire show is below:

Dimitri Valent 🆚 Cedric Toucsch Yohan Drai 🆚 Sergei Kuliaba Hamas Ngoto 🆚 Sami Banchamek Pakorn PK Saenchai 🆚 Anthony Gazel Celestin Mendes 🆚 Saemapetch Fairtex Amir Latreche 🆚 Manachai Yokkao gym

Gaetan Dambo 🆚Petmongkon Banchamek Saosing Sor Sorpit 🆚 Lucie Berto Elias Mahmoudi 🆚 TBA

Save the date: Sunday the 10th of December.

Tickets are on sale now via: Tickets for Buakaw 🆚 Pinca

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