Muay stardom: All abroad the Dan McGowan train

A star was born last Sunday!? His name is Daniel McGowan. Well, some may think a star was born at the Reebok arena when this young man knocked out one of Thailand’s finest MuayThai fighters.   

The truth be told, a star wasn’t born but a star shone a lot brighter than it did before. Dan has been fighting in the MuayThai trenches for over ten long years, having had his first amateur fight at aged ten. 

Sit down for this next staggering fact, okay ready? —  he had his first pro fight at the age of fifteen and astoundingly, that battle took place at the world famous Rajadamnern stadium in the heart of Bangkok, a fight Dan won on points. 

Setting the scene: 

It was last Sunday evening at the Reebok Arena in Bolton, Dan had just literally KO’d Rungnarai Kiatmoo9, a fighter who had only recently vacated a Rajadamnern title, given up voluntarily as he moved up in weight class. 

For these next paragraph’s I’m putting in a direct  quote from Dan, read it and if you can’t feel the beauty of raw emotion, then stop reading now!

All I could think of when I'd won is:”

"I've finally done it" and could see how happy my dad and family and friends were that I finally proved why the years of hard work were always worth it” 

“And I could imagine Liam going absolutely crazy, he always believed I'd be able to beat a big name so I could only imagine how proud he would of been at the result.” 

Of course the man he is referring to in the latter part of that quote is the late Liam Robinson, a man Dan has always accredited as his biggest influence in the sport of MuayThai.  

Dan is quick to state that he has a few very close people who have helped him along his journey but that Liam holds a special place in his heart, a fondness that will never, ever disappear. 

Another great ongoing influence in Dan’s career is the one and only Parpetch Sitpaphom. Parn is one those characters that when he starts talking about the sport of MuayThai you don’t want him to stop. He’s an intelligent savant when it comes to this wonderful sport of ours. 

Oh, and he was quite the decent fighter back in his day. Two other gentlemen who deserve a mention of warm gratitude are Tony Myers and Dean James, from the Pra Chao Suua gym, who have helped fine tune Dan for many of his fights, including his famous win over Rungnarai. 

What’s next for Dan? Well if you believe the MuayThai media here in Thailand he will next step into the ring against the current Lumpinee stadium and Channel7️⃣ stadium champion, Wanchalong PK Saenchai on a show to take place in China. 

Whether or not that fight materializes Dan will be returning to train full-time at the Petchyindee gym, in the new year. 

Back in 2015 Dan was the first non-Thai to become a fully sponsored fighter at Petchyindee, a stint he freely admits didn’t go according to plan; looking back,he says the stint in Bangkok gave him valuable life lessons.  

But like any true warrior who got knocked down, he got himself back on track and is now set to return to the city of Angels to have a serious crack at the bantamweight division, at Rajadamnern stadium under the guidance of the champion trainers at Petchyindee Academy. 

Aristotle once said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit.” 

That rings true for young Dan as he strives day in, day out, to perfect his art — long may it continue. We shall all be watching with unstoppable enthusiasm. 

Last but not least, Dan will have his biggest fan cheering him all the way along his journey in the sport of MuayThai, a fan who was there for him before it started and will be there after it ends, and that man is his dad, Paul — Hail, Hail. 

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