All aboard for tonight's Muay mayhem at MXMuayXtreme

It's Friday and that means only one thing to do here in the glorious city of Angels, aka Bangkok. 

That's right good people it's MXMuayXtreme time. Let's not kid ourselves, this is not Lumpinee, Rajadamnern or Channel7️⃣ level MuayThai, but it is enthralling, riveting and down right exciting to watch. 

It's a fantastic outlet of exposure for fighters to fight live on Thai TV in front of an intimate and vivacious crowd. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the wonderful world of MXMuayXtreme. 

Tonight's line-up is headlined with Scotland's Andrew Miller, aka 'THE COMEBACK KING' taking on Thailand's Reborn in the 2017 MX Champion 65kg tournament. Miller earned that moniker for his thrilling comeback win from a few months back on MX. 

The co-main event pits Costa Rica's Allan Batista against Thailand's Kriankrai in the 2017 MX Champion 70kg tournament. Both these boys love to go to Muay War — so I don't expect this one to go to a judges decision. 

There are four other bouts on the card featuring four Thai boys going head to head with fighters from Brazil, Japan and Scotland. 

The show starts at 8:45pm (Thai local time) and you can catch the action live via: GMMONE LIVE

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