Birmingham: A multitude of Muay stars are coming your way

They called him 'THE LORD WAR', aka, Andy Howson. That moniker doesn't suit him these days as he happily retired from the squared circle where he entertained us for many, many years with his slick, smooth skills and Muay prowess. 

These days you will find Andy living south of his comfort zone, well at least geographically speaking, but in reality the boy from Leeds who upped ship and moved to Birmingham where he now owns and operates the hugely successful Science of Eight MuayThai Gym  and more importantly relating to this article, the man formerly known as 'THE LORD OF WAR' might soon be called 'THE LORD OF PROMOTING'. 

Ok, let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet on that front but as you can see from the above poster, Mr. Howson has amassed a fight card of epic proportions for his next event — which takes place on Saturday the 26th of August at the Birmingham Events Center. You can follow the promotions Facebook page here: Science of Eight Promotions  for information on tickets, etc. 

The main event for the show sees the UK's undisputed number one MuayThai fighter Liam 'THE HITMAN' Harrison take on the highly experienced Frenchman, Charles Francois. 

Liam has been out of action recently due to injury, but is eagerly excited to get back into the ring and show his fans what they have been missing; some bone crunching leg kicks and more! Liam's last fight was against another French boy in Rayan Mekki and on that occasion Harrison won the fight via a third round stoppage. 

Francois will be looking to avenge his compatriots loss! Can the French number one overcome the Muay mayhem that the "Hitman" brings? 

An intriguing battle of Ireland versus England sees two of Europe's top bantamweights clash in what has the making of classic Muay War. Irish fighter Ryan Sheehan will face off against England's number one 55kg fighter, Dan McGowan. 

Ryan is fresh off a loss where he traveled to the land of rising sun to fight Japanese star Tenshin. McGowan is coming back after a lengthy injury lay off and both boys will be looking to make a big statement in this fight. Will it be a night for the luck of the Irish, or will the Celtic loving Englishman come out on top? 

Another scintillating bout for the evening's event sees Thailand's Thepnimit Sitmonchai, aka 'MR KNOCK', take on England's Dean James, who after fighting at bantamweight for most of his career has now moved up to featherweight. James is a smooth operator in the ring, one of the most naturally gifted Nak Muay's (fighter) to ever come out of Britain, but saying that on this occasion he has a big challenge on his hands — and potentially his chin, from the upper cut loving Thepnimit. The question is this: Can Mr. James handle the Thepnimit onslaught? Don't answer that right now, if you are in the U.K. Go along to watch for yourself. Take a train, plane or automobile, just go, you know you have to. 

As for the always exciting Thepnimit he is coming off a big KO win here in Thailand, where he ruthlessly dispersed of ex stadium champion, Kwanpetch, a fight that was broadcast live on Thai TV. English fight fans are in for treat when they see the Thepnimit show in full flow. 

Also on the nights card is a four man winner takes all 55kg tournament featuring four young up and comers on the UK MuayThai scene. 

Last but not least: MuayThai superstar John Wayne Parr's daughter, Jazzy Parr, will travel to British soil to take on England's Phoebe Ilott for the ICO junior Intercontinental title. 

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