Muay Mania: 4 Lumpinee stadium titles are up for grabs on June 9th

The second installment of the four yearly Lumpinee stadium champions is set for Friday the 9th of June here in Bangkok.  

The line-up has been finalized — and we will possibly see four new stadium champions crowned on the night, or not, depending how badly the reigning champions want to keep hold of theirnhigjly coveted straps. 

The main event for the evening sees two big boys go to muay war. Rittewida and Thaksinlek will battle it out at 139lbs. 

One of the most intriguing match-ups for the evenings has to be the Rambo versus Yodlekpet fight. Rambo will defend his stadium 135lb title in this bout. 

Suakim, a multi-time stadium champion, will face off against Mongkoldetlek for the stadiums vacant 130lb title 

Jitmuangnon gym boxer, Gengkla, will defend his 118lb title against Ronachai SantiUbon. 

Two young superstars will resume their ferocious rivalry, with the stadiums current 112lb champion, Kaew, from Parunchai gym defending his title against the tricky former Lumpinee champion, Ongree. 

We get to see the return to the stadium for the first time in over a year of Chalaam from Parunchai gym. He will face the mighty young star, Tawanchai from PK Saenchai gym. 

The entire show will be aired live on Thai TV via Now26 and Channel 5. 

Rittewida Sor Nipapon 🆚 Thaksinlek Sitiniwat 

Rambo PTTT 🆚 Yodlekpet Or Pitisak 

Suakim PK Saenchai 🆚 Mongkoldetlek Kesa gym 

Gengkla Por Pekko 🆚 Ronachai Santiubon 

Kaew Parunchai 🆚 Ongree Sor Dechapan 

Chalaam Parunchai 🆚 Tawanchai PK Saenchai 

You can book tickets direct via: Lumpinee stadium website

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