Muay stars: Wanchalong PK Saenchai gym

When you hear the name Wanchalong Sitzonong, or in recent times - Wanchalong PK Saenchai gym, you can't be accused of thinking true grit champion, warrior, joker and all-round MuayThai King. All of those are well suited monikers for the man himself. 

A two-time champion of Lumpinee stadium, a two-time champion of Channel 7 stadium. Oh, and by the way — at 31 years of age, Wanchalong is still the champion of Channel 7 stadium, at 115lbs. 

His most recent title defense was a stupendously fantastic battle with the challenger, Ronachai Santiubon. Wanchalong prevailed that day, via a points decision. 

The Kalasin native is one of the most popular fighters here in the Kingdom of Thailand over the last decade. 

He made his name on the elite Bangkok fight circuit fighting out of Sitzornong gym, which is located in Chachoengsao province. He won his first major stadium title for the gym back in 2009. That was the Lumpinee 108lb strap and it set him on the road to Muay stardom. 

Wanchalong has held both the 108lb and 115lb Lumpinee belt — whilst also winning Channel 7 stadium titles on three separate occasions. 

One of his many memorable feats in the ring was his truly amazing 5th round comeback KO victory over his arch nemesis, Chokpreecha. The fearless  Wanchalong was deemed to be so far behind on the judges scorecards, that the majority of gamblers had paid out their bets on Chokpreecha, but....yes there's a but — nobody told Wanchalong...incredibly with less than thirty seconds left in the bout he landed a tremendous kick to the head of Chokpreecha, which scored a mammoth knock-out victory for Wanchalong and sent the stadium's fans and pundits alike into a tailspin. 

The boxer nicknamed "The bad boy" has also been awarded the fight of the year accolade on two seepage occasions at Lumpinee stadium. 

A couple of years ago, Wanchalong had some issues and his contract was bought outright by the boss of PK Saenchai gym. This was the start of a new chapter in the life of the always colorful Wanchalong. 

He has literally fought everyone and anyone that had been out in front of him throughout his career and let's hope he continues to entertain us for the remainder of 2017 and beyond. 

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