Muay Money: The Yodsankai versus Baukaw fight proposal

The fight a lot of fans have called for over the years may or may not be a step closer to actually coming to fruition — depending on of course, who you believe!

Both fighters are two of the worlds best known exporter's of MuayThai for international fight fans and of course their credentials are pretty impressive, with Yodsanklai being a former Lumpinee champion and the first champion of The Contender Asia TV show. Baukaw on the other hand is a former two time K-1 champion, back when the K-1 was a global fight sport monster.

A few weeks ago in a far flung part of China - Guangzhou, to be exact, a new fight promotion called Martialism Square, (MAS) was born and ex Bangkok stadium star, Yodsanklai, from the world famous Fairtex gym in Pattaya, was the headliner. He came up against an Iranian fighter, in Maosud Menaei.

The fight itself under the shoot-boxing type hybrid rules didn't last too long as Yodsnaklai unloaded on his opponent, before the referee called a halt to proceedings, affording Yodsanklai an easy night at the office since his return from injury.

The most intriguing part of the evenings proceedings happened straight after the main event when the promoters called global superstar, Baukaw, into the ring and promptly announced that a long awaited, long anticipated, super bout between the two (Baukaw and Yodsanklai would finally happen at an unconfirmed date later this year. Since then, it has been rumored that the fight may not now happen until 2018.

The juicy part — Chinese businessman and fight promoter, Mr. Tony Chen, announced that the proposed super bout would make history in that it would be for a combined purse of $1,000,000 dollars.

During his early career here in Thailand in the early to mid 2000's Baukaw never came to any significant stardom, but that all changed when he hit the hugely popular K-1 scene in Japan — and there can be no questioning the fact that in recent times his rising popularity amongst non traditional MuayThai fans here in the Kingdom of Thailand has risen the sports awareness to a whole new level.

In fact, Baukaw is an A-lister here in terms of brand recognition and his huge popularity amongst Thai's of many different social standings.

Yodsanklai on the other hand had a pretty decent stadium stint whilst he was under the famed Petchyindee banner — and that rich vain of form continued when Fairtex gym under the patronage of Mr. Philip Wong purchased his contract and they and Yod set about making a huge name for the boxer on the international stage.

Both fighters are coming to the inevitable twilights of their respective careers — so does fight make sense for both men to risk it all for dollar signs. Let's wait and see how it all pans out.

I for one, would most definitely tune in to watch the fight, with cautious optimism!

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