The first PetKiatpetch show of 2017 at Lumpinee stadium features MuangThai versus Rambo in the main

Lumpinee stadium hosts its first big show of the year on Tuesday the 24th of January.

The main event sees the Elbow king, MuangThai, facing off against Rambo in a battle set at 133lbs. MuangThai was originally supposed to rematch Yodpanomrung but that got canned due to Yod sustaining an injury.

The prelude to the main event sees Rittewida return to Lumpinee after a short absence - and he will face off against ex Ch7 stadium champion, Nontakrit, in a fight set at 140lbs.

Super-fly weight superstar, Wanchalong, from PK Saenchai gym will fight Young Petchyindee gym fighter, Achanai at 116lbs.

Pompet Singbaansang will fight View Petkoson at 115lbs.

Ex Ch7 stadium 108lb champion, Banlangngern Por Binabaht, will face off against Werachart Boonrasi.

Young exciting star, Peemai Erawan, will fight Nuengpayak Por Jaroenpeth.

The shows opening fight will see Kompet Sitsarawatser take on Bangklanoi Mor Ratanabandit.

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