The final show of 2016 at Rajadamnern stadium is headlined with Yokvitaya taking on Petphikart

It's Thursday the 29th of December and as I, we and you reflect on the MuayThai circuits highly successful year - there is no doubt that 2016 has been quite the resaissance period for the famed Rajadamnern stadium here in Bangkok. 

This year has seen its powerful reemergence as the premier fight venue here in the capital of MuayThai, aka, the city of Angels. 

2017 promises to continue with this trend where we will get to witness the return of the old powerhouse - Petchyindee promotions who will start hosting shows at Rajadamnern, with their first event scheduled for the 5th of January. 

This evenings final show of 2016 is hosted by Petvittaya promotions and the show starts at 6:30pm. 

The full line-up is below: 

Ponsanae Sor Phumiphat 


 Ngatao Por Waraluck

Payak Soonkilaborplub 


Petsomsak Annymuaythai 

DoDo Chor Ketvena 


Sipanom Ror Kilapisanulok

Sakatphet Petsimean 


Jumong Ponsurin 

JoJo Huarongnamkeng 


Petmai Chor.Narongsak

Ken Mor.Andaman 


Mahsueklek Or.Bor.Tor.Kampi

        (Main event) 

Yokvitaya Petsimean 


Petphikart Kor.Klanbuth

(Pictured after this mornings weigh-in) 

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