Viva La Revolution: The MuayThai TV revolution continues unabated here in the Kingdom of Thailand

2017 sees yet another live weekend MuayThai TV show hit our screens with the army owned Ch5 back with bang with a potenially sensational new weekly format

The newly formed weekly promotion that will take place out at Rangsit stadium, which is located on the outskirts of Bangkok - sees two of Thailand's biggest promotion teams get together to bring an exciting new live TV show to fruition.

The opening show takes place on Sunday the 15th of January and we get to witness two of Thailand's best 115lb fighters collide for the first time - when the current Rajadamnern stadium 115lb champion, Pernkun, who fights out of Tor Suath gym faces off against two time former Lumpinee champion, Ronachai Santi-Ubon.

The two men who will be the public faces of this new venture are the bosses of Pangkongprab gym and Chor Haypayak gym (pictured above at the press conference to announce the new show).

Another man who is heavily involved as a co-owner of this new promotion is local entrepreneur Dr. Knott, who also doubles as the director of communications for Songchai promotions.

The talent pool for this new weekly event will see a massive wealth of fighters from Kiatpetch and Songchai promotions matched up in what makes for exciting times ahead for MuayThai TV viewers.

The opening show also sees the exciting Sprinter Pangkongprab take on in a battle at 119lbs.

We now have over 15 live MuayThai TV shows airing on Thai TV every weekend - as opposed to only two years ago; when we were lucky to have three and four, max. This is truly exciting times for the sport.

May the MuayThai TV revolution live a long and prosperous life.

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