We are all set for tonight's truly scintillating 60th birthday celebration at Lumpinee stadium h

The waiting is nearly over - all the fighters are weighed-in, resting and ready for this evenings Muay extravaganza

It's Friday the 9th of December, 2016 and the day is upon us for the fourth and final installment of the Lumpinee stadium champiosn show.

The main event and the final fight to be shown live on TV sees a David (MuangThai) versus Goliath (Yodpanomrung) encounter with the golden elbow taking on the golden knees.

MuangThai is taking a big step up in weight class to go to battle with the formidable Yodpanomrung. This fight is set at 140lbs and the winner will be crowned the new Thailand champion at that weight.

This evenings co-main event and the penultimate fight for the live TV segment sees two of Thailand's main promotion stables go head-to head.

For this fight, Petchyindee promotions have selected the current jewel in their crown, Petmorakot, who fights out of Petchyindee gym, and his opponent from the Kiatpetch contracted fighters is Manasak from Sor-Jor-Jitmuangnon gym.

There has been a serious amount of money laid on this fight during the week amongst the betting fans. This war of knees will be fought at 137lbs.

The next bout on the TV segment of this evenings show is an intriguing encounter for many reasons. The talk all week amongst the MuayThai fans here in Thailand is this - Can Rodlek overwhelm the MuayThai computer genius that is, Panpayak?

No comment from this author - We will find out tonight. This battle is set at 128lbs for Panpayak and 130lbs for Rodlek.

The second bout that will be shown on live TV see the current Lumpinee stadium 140lb champion, Chamuaktong, defend his crown against the stadiums ex 135lb champion, Chujaroen.

This has the making of a fantastic clinch and bait war.

The fight that will get the live TV underway is a rematch of last months fight that took place over at Rajadamnern stadium, and where Petdam ended the fight early with a completely unexpected annihilation of Singh.

This time around, Singh is coming for retribution. Will it be revenge or repeat? This battle is set at 124lbs.

The stadiums current 130lb champion, Neungranglek, from the famed Jitmaungon gym will look to defend his title against the stadiums ex 122lb champion, Petmorakok, who fights out of Teded99 gym alongside Superbank.

One ex Lumpinee champion whose form has dipped over the last twelve months and another fighter whose star is continually rising will meet in the next bout. Saen from Parunchai gym will do battle with Mongkoldetlek from Kesa gym in a bout set at 130lbs.

Young Parunchai gym star, Kaew, will defend his Thailand 112lb title against another exciting young man in Petpilin from Singbangsang gym.

Kaew is a fan favorite at Lumpinee and his fights always get the crowd exciting with his exciting style.

You can watch the show live through the links below from 9pm-12am (Thai time):

Ch5 Thai TV live stream

Ch5 Thai TV live stream

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