Pernkun Tor Suath is the Rajadamnern stadium fighter of the year for 2016

In 2016 - The Rayong based fighter has impressively beaten every fighter that Songchai promotions have put in front of him

Roll back the clock to a few years ago when Pernkun was fighting at 105-108lbs and even then you could see he was a special talent.

He beat everyone with ease in those weight-classes.

Fast forward to 2016 and this has surely been the year where his stock, and his fame have grown with what can only be described a phenomenal year in the squared circle, where he has had nine fights for nine wins.

To crown that incredible year off, he is also the Rajadamnern stadium 115lb champion, a feat he gained back in June by taking the title off the then reigning champion, Prajabaan.

He is contracted to OneSongchai promotions and all of those aforementioned fights have taken place at the coliseum of MuayThai, aka, Rajadamnern stadium.

So far this year, he has fought ten times and on all occasions he has been victorious.

Pernkun's truly impressive fight record for December 2015 and 2016 is:

1. December 28th - Victory via a 5th round KO over Pethevada BSJ.Sungnern at 113lbs

2. January 27th - Victory via points over Petmuangchon Por Suantong at 112lbs.

3. March 3rd - Victory via points over Petmuangchon Por Suantong at 112lbs.

4. April 6th - Victory via points over Suriyanlek OBT-Kampi at 115lbs.

5. May 4th - Victory via points over Roychueng Joynathavi at 116lbs.

6. June 9th - Victory via points over Pajanban Sor-Joe-Vichitpidrew at 114lbs

7. July 21st - Victory via points over Phichitchai PK Saenchai gym at 115lbs.

8. September 14th - Victory via points over Phichitchai PK Saenchai gym

9. October 13th - Victory via points over Gingsanglek Tor Laksong at 111.5lbs

10. November 30th - Victory via points over Kumandoy Sor Jitpakdee at 117lbs

Pernkun's final fight for this year takes place at Rajadamnern stadium on Wednesday the 21st of December where he will give Gingsanglek a rematch.

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