PK Saenchai gym wins the coveted Lumpinee stadium gym of the year award for 2016

Without huge surprise - The South Bangkok located camp has been awarded with the gym of the year Accolade

It's 7am on a hot sweaty Monday morning at the beginning of January, you look around you, and all you see from one end of the gym to another... there is a plethora of household names in the world of Muaythai - not to mention the abundance of young superstars in the making training all around you.

Then it's not hard to imagine that eleven months later this place would become home to the new Lumpinee stadium gym of the year for 2016.

Yes, that was this author pretending to hit a bag and fast forward to December 2nd and well, there you have it, PK Saenchai gym has been announced as the winner of the Lumpinee stadium gym of the year.

It's currently home to four reigning champions of Lumpinee stadium, with Nengnern the stadiums 105lb champion, Wanchalong is the stadiums 115lb champion, Chamauktong is the stadiums 140lb champion and lastly, Pongsiri is the stadiums 147lb champion.

The gym is also home to MuangThai, who today, has also been named the stadiums fighter of the year.

The list of fighters who train out of PK Saenchai is quite astonishing:

MuangThai PK Saenchai

Rodlek Jaotalaytong

Suakim PK Saenchai

Pakorn PK Saenchai

Sirimongkol PK Saenchai

Wanchalong PK Saenchai

Chamuaktong FighterMuayThai

Watcherapon PK Saenchai

Saifon PK Saenchai

Prajanchai PK Saenchai

Rungravee PK Saenchai

Nangnern PK Saenchai

Pichitchai PK Saenchai

Chanajon PK Saenchai

The gym is owned by Mr. Mr.Somchai Tedrungruang who was the previous owner of the camp, PK Sterio, and as of eight months ago he is also currently a promoter at Lumpinee stadium under the banner of SuekPKSaenchai promotions.

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