Two current Rajadamnern stadium champions are in action on tonight's Jarmuang promotion

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

There are four fantastically matched fights for this evenings event at the famed and storied Rajadamnern stadium here in Bangkok.

The main event sees Superball Teemuantloei face off against Extra Sitworaphat in battle of the 130lb title contenders.

The prelude to the main event sees the stadiums former 126lb champion, Jomphichit, face off against Phetnamngarm Or Kwanmuang, this fight is set at 126lbs.

The fight before sees Jomphichits conquerer, Petchtaksin, who is the current 126lb champion, goes to war with Senwangchai J.S.P. at an official weight of 127lbs.

Petwason from Aunsukhumvit gym, who was until last week the Rajadamnern stadium 118lbs champion, will fight ex Ch7 stadium champion, Prakaipet NitiSamui. They will fight at 121lbs. Petwason has relinquished the title as he can't fight at 118lbs any longer.

Sor Sommai gym could quite possibly have two current stadium champions at the end of this evenings show, as thier fighter, Petbankek will go to battle with Chalongraj Sor.Rajabuth for the recently vacated Rajadamnern 118lb title.

The link below has details on ticket prices and the location of Rajadamnern stadium.

Rajadamnern Stadium Information

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