Rebellion MuayThai XIII brings 100% MuayThai action to fight fans in Melbourne

Saturday the 26th of November sees the next instalment of the successful Rebellion promotion take place in Melbourne

Traditionally speaking the state of Victoria has not been synonymous with the sport of MuayThai; well that may have been true in decades past.

These days it is very much home to one, if not the number one MuayThai promotion on Australian soil.

We have the prince of Persia, aka, Sy Nadji, to thank for this, with of course a little help from his close confidants, Mr Don "Uncle" Millar and Andrew "Handsome" Parnham.

The next Rebellion show takes place at the end of this month and the line-up for the event has a mixed bag of local talent taking on some imported European and Thai based fighters.

The shows main event features Melbourne fighter, Alexi Petro, facing off against Bangkok based, Iranian fighter, Vahid Shahbazi. Vahid has a wealth of experience from fighting on big shows here in Thailand and is a regular on the Saturday TV show out at Omnoi stadium currently taking part in one of the stadiums on-going tournaments.

The co-main event event sees Perth fighter, Loyd Dean, take on Thailand's Petch Sitmonchai, who is currently based in Australia. This fight is set at 63.50kgs.

Petch's brother, Tia, takes on Queenslands Brodie Stadler, the latter has been in some very brutal fights over the years, so this makes for a very interesting match up at 55kgs.

Scottish fighter, Jordan Coe, who is based here in Thailand at Lamnammoons gym up in Ubon Ratchathani, returns to Rebellion for a second fight on the bounce after he made a big impression on the crowd at the last event. This time around he will go to war with Chris Le Tien Nguyen, Chris trains out of Victoria's 8 Blade Warriors MuayThai.

English MuayYing, Lucy Payne, who trains with Don "I don't shave" Millar in Melbourne at his SupaFight gym, will face off against Gentiane Lupi, who fights out of The Muay Institute in Wellington, New Zealand.

The shows full line-up is below along with details on how to watch the event via a live stream:

Alexi Petro Vs. Vahid Shahbazi

Loyd Dean Vs. Petch Sitmonchai gym

Tia Sitmonchai Vs. Brodie Stadler

Jordan Coe Vs. Chris Le Tien Nguyen

Lucy Payne Vs. Gentiane Lupi

Yolanda Schmidt Vs. Daria Smith

Liam Wright Vs. Tyler Hardcastle

Richard Fanous Vs. Abbas Ahmadi

Sebastian Holmes Vs. Stephan Lottering

Elliott Glenister Vs Clem Taylor

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