MuayThai wars in Bangkok with MMA gloves is set for Friday the 25th of November

The MuayThai TV revolution continues with yet another show about to commence

Yes, the poster is not deceiving your eyes...Pakorn will be fighting on Friday the 25th of November on the newly formed promotion, MX Muay Xtreme, which is the brainchild of Sasiprapa gym owner, Mr. Thakoon Pongsupha.

All the fights will be 3x3 minute rounds and the fighters will wear 4oz MMA gloves. This is a recipe for carnage if it's anything like Wayne Parrs CMT event in Australia.

The match-ups on the opening night features one the past decades MuayThai carnage kings, aka, Pakorn PK Saenchai gym, who coincidently recently was released from his stadium contract and will in the very near future head to greener pastures to work in Singapore, at Evolve MMA.

Pakorn will go head to head with Bakhodirjon from Uzbekistan.

Ex WBC world boxing champion, Sirimongkol Singmanasak, will feature on the opening night and will also face off against a fighter from Uzbekistan.

The Muay Xtreme show will be staged at the GMM Studios, which are located on Aoske road here in central Bangkok and are easily accessible from Asoke BTS and MRT stations.

The event will be broadcast live on Thai cable tv via GMM's channel and it airs from 9-11pm (Thai time).

Below is link where to go watch the fights live if you are here in Bangkok and also links to watch the show live via a stream:

Location of the MX Muay Xtreme Fights

Watch live via Stream

Watch live via stream 2

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