MuayThai: Honouring the sorrowful passing of His Majesty the King

Due to the sad passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, all MuayThai events in Bangkok have been cancelled for a period of 30 days. This is out of respect for His Majesty, who was loved by all Thais.

Below, you will find information in regard to when the main MuayThai stadiums will resume shows:

Lumpinee boxing stadium will reopen on Tuesday the 15th of November.

Rajadamnern stadium will reopen on Sunday the 13th of November.

Ch7 stadium will resume its weekly Sunday shows on the 13th of November.

Rangsit stadium will reopen on Friday the 18th of November.

Omnoi stadium will reopen for fights on Saturday the 12th of November.

The weekly Songchai show which is held at the Montri Tv studios will resume on Saturday the 19th of November.

There is a slight possibility that the MuayThai TV shows might resume on the weekend of November 12/13, but as of now they will resume the following weekend of 18/19 November.

The above information is subject to change as the Nations period of mourning continues.

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