Meet the eight finalists for the Channel 7 Tiger cement tournament

May 15, 2017

The most lucrative MuayThai tournament in the kingdom of Thailand continues into the quarter-finals 

It started off with sixteen young fighters all with the same desire and dream to reach the magnificent final which takes place at Lumpinee stadium in October. 


Now we are into the serious end of the contest with the final eight boxers all set to compete for the rights to continue on the road to Muay glory. 


The next set of group stages sees the eight fighters spilt into two groups — A and B.  

Group (A):  

1️⃣ Yodsing Sakiranrat 

2️⃣ Longnern Dabrunsarakam 

3️⃣ Yuttachai Somsakorsang 

4️⃣ Petkwanchai Jitmaungnon gym 


Group (B): 

5️⃣ Petwiengjan Sor Kulawong 

6️⃣ Petpanat Sa-Ngunchai 

7️⃣ Yodpayak Por Jaroenpat 

8️⃣ Kulabkao Sit-Sor-Tor-Narong 


Group (A) is up first and the fights will take place on Sunday the 4th of June.  


The match ups are: 


Yodsing Sakiranrat 

Longnern Dabrunsarakam 

Yuttachai Somsakorsang 

Petkwanchai Jitmuangnon gym


Group (B) is up first and the fights will take place on Sunday the 11th of June. 


The match ups are: 


Petwiengjan Sor Kulawong 

Petpanat Sa-Ngunchai 

Yodpayak Por Jaroenpat 

Kulabkao Sit-Sor-Tor-Narong 


The Bpuun Suea (Tiger cement) tournament is a genuine rags to riches life changing spectacle that affords the overall winner a truly mind boggling amount of money and extras that is unsurpassed by any other MuayThai tournament here in the Kingdom of Thailand.  


The winner receives a cash prize of 500,000 baht in direct winner prize money. He also receives upwards of another 300,000 for the tournaments sponsors. Then you have the events outside sponsors who last year awarded 100,000 baby to the winner. Plus, you have the tiger sculptured ornament valued at 100,000. 


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